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Why Do You Smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CALLmeMOTO, May 29, 2013.

  1. Whats good blades!
    This might already be a topic but i havent seen it yet so here goes.
    Why do you guys smoke? Is it for spiritual reasons, for fun, socially, medically, or just to get straight up stoned? tell me what you guys have to say  :smoke:

  2. To get high
  3. Also, if you type Why do you smoke in the search bar, you'd be surprised at how many threads there are on this
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    To relieve my muscle aches in my back and neck, to fall asleep easier and sleep more soundly , mental clarity, relieve headaches, cure hangovers, enhancement of dull activities, to induce hunger, etc, etc.
  5. Now that I've had to pretty much quit for a while (really cut back), I vape (keyword vape) to help my bad headaches, migraines, extreme nausea, trouble falling asleep, and occasionally for recreation.
  6. I use cannabis for relaxation of course, but the regularity of my use is for medicinal reasons.
  7. Well did you ALSO post in those threads? IMO. it's okay to have duplicate threads...Sometimes it's nice to be able to "talk to others online". Creating a thread and getting real time answers from other people, it seems like your actually talking to. Rather than just scrolling through pages and pages and pages of old threads, whether or not you "find and answer". *don't take this offensively*, just seen it said so many times, and so many times it seems irrelevant.
    Me chronic pain to say THE LEAST.  :cry:  :hippie:  :smoking:
  8. You're right. I feel the same way, I've just heard it said and said to me so many times. I guess I've became a product of GC.
  9. The reason I started smoking more on my own is because it helps me to find myself. I realized the first time I started smoking that my soul has not matured along with my body.(I'm 21,but my soul is that of a child) The things I explore while high are indescribable, it's almost like one of those cartoon shows like Chalkzone or something where your able to explore your own personal world without worrying about the social norm. 
  10. It makes music more enjoyable, and since I waste a lot of time playing MMOs, I might as well do that while high. Sometimes for fun I think about what my life would have been like if I had never smoked weed. As in, how much more boring it would have been with out all the interesting/fun experiences being high has shown me. 
  11. "I smoke cause it gives me knowledge"  GTA San Andreas.
  12. To be cool

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  13. I smoke to relax and unwind after work, it stops my hair falling out from stress. Also believe it or not I use it to control my eating. I find I eat smaller portions when I'm sober and I hold off my munches while high. So the end result is a controlled easy going diet
  14. I first started to smoke just to get fucked up and feel good, ya know, forget about my problems and laugh my ass off. Over these past 3 years my views have changed greatly.

    Now I smoke to not only relieve stress but I enjoy the act of smoking with/without people, and I like the feeling weed gives me. The creative thoughts, the humor, and not to mention the munchies! I just love smoking weed now, that's really all there is to it! 
  15. Can you guess. - Takes another hit from pipe
  16. I just like the feeling of being high. It helps me feel better about everything! It also helps with my occasional depression, and getting to sleep at night.
  17. Because its fun, I love food when im sober (imagine high) and because my friends always have it. Also to relieve stress from my dad yelling at me for gettin high.
  18. as a past US president once said (I forget exactly who) "If a law is unjust not only should you go against it, but you have a duty to do so" - i'm simply carrying out my duty to get high. but no, i smoke because i enjoy getting high and viewing the world on my own little level. I love getting high in public, and walking around like 'none of these people even know i'm high'. sometimes i must look so stupid walking round with a massive grin on my face. 
    do correct me if that quotes wrong or if you know who said it

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