Why Do you smoke Weed?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by dorian, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Why Do you smoke Weed?
  2. never in this part of the forum but this thread spoke to me lol

    i smoke weed becuase i aperchiate everything when i am high even the stuff i think nothin of sobor:smoke:
  3. The perspective is amazing, the connectivity to music is to die for, and the feeling is beyond the word beautiful.

  4. "in avoidance of psycho social conflict i smoke marijuana as a medium of attain self actualisation"
  5. its really love.

    even how I was in jail for two months and the whole time i was just thinking man fuck herb its not worth it ( as much as id previously loved it ) but then once I got out and I got to smoke again it was really an awaken it was amazing

    I think I really felt like crying I was overwhelmed haha

    to me it solidified the fact that herb is just truley meant for some people and im definitely one of those people

    it almost goes without sayin ya kno
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  6. I feel like it's the only thing that really levels me out.....
    It not only gives me an appetite.....but it makes food amazing
    Is my favorite social activity....sit around with a few bowls and talk about everything
    I love the taste and smell...nothing like a dank nug to sniff :D
    Helps eliminate nausea
    Makes boring things interesting (sitting in a boring class for example)
    Makes you think about crazy shit and make connections between concepts in your head that you wouldn't otherwise
    I could go on forever ^_^
  7. Because its the best thing.ever.made.
    We all connect on 420 am and pm :smoke:
    Smoke intervals like lightning bolts striking the plains of our minds
    All one cloud
    Puff Puff Pass
    The game's in class
    And we live life slow not fast
    And life is given new color
    Smoke from the fire that burns inside me
    Fills my lungs
    And Spirit
    Awesome feeling like the native Americans would say
    One love :smoke:
    Smoke on brothers and sisters :smoke:
  8. i don't really have friends, so i use weed to make me happy. doing a damn good job.
  9. depression, weed keeps me in a good zone
  10. It can turn an everyday, trivial activity, such as making scrambled eggs, into a profoundly interesting experience.

    Plus, it makes playing and listening to music very interesting.
  11. I am evolving the species through a symbiotic relationship with my environment and one particular plant in that environment that i find to be benificial to furthering thinking and understanding. It raises possibilities... Basically i like to get high, i am living evolution. Certainly i do not need some primate with a badge trying to interfere with the way my life plays out.....Its a dog eat dog world and the dogs are always going to be barking. I tell them to shut the fuck up already because barking is fucking idiotic..Thats why i smoke weed.:D
  12. It brings back that sense of awe and wonder that I haven't felt since I was quite young, before my innocence was robbed.
  13. it slows my thoughts that normally (sober) would trouble my mind... thats just one of many reasons of course, but one of the main ones:smoke:.
  14. :laughing:


    "Can you remain unmoving until the right action arises by itself?"

  15. With all the shit going on in this world, smoking weed helps you relax and unwind. It helps you look deeper into your mind. :)
  16. That's a good question. At this point it is a daily occurrence, and I guess I have never REALLY questioned as to why I do it. Being high is one of the only things I truly enjoy, and it helps me think about myself and my life. It gives me something to look forward to on a shitty day, or it gives me something to make a beautiful day all the better.
  17. Because it tickles and massages my nervous system. Not even fucking around.
  18. -I get a feeling of euphoria and ecstasy every time I smoke (I try and keep my tolerance down)
    -It makes me think deeper, and ideas flow more freely
    -Makes music even more amazing:D

  19. yeah it really is
  20. yeah and though people often get mad or correct people who say "marijuana isnt a drug"

    I feel the main reason people say that is because nobody wants to see it in that same category . marijuana is somethin else ; there's alot more to it and its a lot more positive than most other drugs

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