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Why do you smoke weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by blunts420days, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. I started smoking for pure fun. it was a once in a while thing, my friends had to beg me to smoke (ah, the good ol' days). But then itbecame a regular thing, I began smoking more and eventually had to support my own habit. I didn't realize it until later, but I found when I was high my thoughts through my head slowed down. I had some trouble with anxiety throughout my teenage life, and found that when I smoke it alleviates it. I experience anxiety especially in groups of people, and what better way to solve that than offer a joint up to the group?!
  2. Smoked out of curiosity probably like everybody else, then as I smoked more and got older I just fell in love with it.
  3. smoke for depression, existence can be hard to cope with. Plus its the only thing that cures migraines that wont slowly kill me!
  4. Medication. Helps insomnia and migraines. Helps with stress and anxiety. I wish people would realize it's not just to get high but to be happy too. Like I just feel happy after a nice bowl
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    really bad depression and anxiety.
    I lost my father to cancer when i was really young and my mom left me when i was 1.I didnt really grow up the same as most kids would.Never really had spent much time with my dad since he was sick,and my moms an alcoholic and haven't spoken to her in years.
    I'm trying to make the best out of everything i do.Dabbing and smoking good trees helps a lot
  6. Because I want to and I can. Don't live your life for a 'reason', just do what makes you happy!
  7. It relieves stress, and lets me sleep better lol
  8. helps me giggle and then sleep like a log
  9. Because I like to get high and I enjoy the process of smoking unless it's a diy piece or a pipe.

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  10. Helps me with my delayed sleep phase disorder, but mostly I like to cough and reach the clouds :hippie:
  11. I started smoking for fun and it helped my anxiety. plus it feels great(alot more enjoyable then alcohol)

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  12. Well, im on probo so i couldnt describe it as well, since im not high but........ I smoke for mostly fun. I also am a "thrill-seeker" so i like doing dangerous stuff, not that weed is dangerous, but i like to experience it. I used to smoke for depression, but i eventually got over the depression. But honestly my favorite thing would be, when you smoke weed around a campfire in the summer, that is the biggest reason. That is the answer to life.
  13. I enjoy the feeling it gives me
    A simple thing of drinking a milo becomes awesome after some bongs
    Or if I'm really struggling to figure something out, I have a little smoke, not much, and it allows the ideas to flow
  14. I smoke because I feel like all the weight of the world is on my shoulders and not being sober is the only thing that keeps me functioning... But I'm on a t-break now so.... Yeah

    Stay thirsty
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    You know, I was thinking about this the other day. Besides the obvious "it feels good" response, it helps me sort through my thoughts a lot better. By that I mean that I can smoke and be able to think more rationally instead of jumping to conclusions and acting so impulsively. I dont always have deep thoughts about the things going on in my life while smoking, but when I do, I am able to target the issue and think of a real plan to solve that issue.
    Im not worrying about the other person may feel about me, I'm not putting myself down for regretting not taking certain actions in the moment that situation may have occurred, and Im not over analyzing things said to me. Im able to focus on the now and how to move on from there. I dont know if this made any sense, but I hope someone out there understands what Im saying. lol.
    I also stress myself out over the smallest things and weed definitely helps with that too. 
  16. Back pain, and it's just nice to be high all the time.
  17. I started smoking weed almost 40 years ago and I started because I ENJOYED THE HIGH!!!  I smoke now days because I still ENJOY THE HIGH but more now for the pain relief I get from it.  The day I wake up and am not in pain is the day I go to meet my MAKER and my body is 6ft under!

  18. mostly pain relief from an autoimmune disorder.

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