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Why do you smoke weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by blunts420days, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Why do some of you smoke weed? What does it do for you? I smoke because of depression and anxiety mainly, I started out just for fun though. When I'm high it's impossible to be sad or anxious about anything really Lol. I just can't be sad and high at the same time. That's why it helps.

  2. Same with me

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  3. It's fun, keeps me more relaxed and in the moment, makes the daily grind of everyday life more tolerable.
  4. Is there a reason? Haha! 
    Nah I smoke weed to make everything feel better basically.
  5. I have severe knee pain . Anxiety and depression. It just helps with everything.

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  6. Just about everything thats stated above. Tastes good and enjoyable like a glass of wine, changes ways of thinking, helps sleep(indica), motivates me to do things and gives me energy (sativa), back pain, random pain, long day, short day with nothing to do haha.
    Just about every reason and if there isnt a reason, thats the reason hahaha
  7. work 8 hours and go home sore from standing all day, all my stress goes away the second I smell that herb and I am able to replace all the negatives with the positives and enjoy life for what it is.
    Karma is king
  8. If I didn't smoke I'd lose my job for losing my shit on someone......

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  9. Weed keeps me calm and focused. 
    Otherwise I easily get frustrated and I end up making more mistakes when I'm sober than stoned. 
  10. NO MORE MIGRAINES!!! :yay:  As long as I toke daily, I just do NOT get them! :hello: 
    Unlike other drugs, cannabis has definite health benefits and is safe to use.
    Plus, cannabis is just plain fun! :smoking:
  11. helps with my mental status and spiritual awareness of the living, breathing force
  12. I smoke pot simply because it makes me feel good!  I don't need no excuse.  Nothing to be ashamed of people. 
  13. Makes me think smart and I'm more calm and collected. And most importantly it makes everything interesting and fun things even more fun
  14. To get high?
  15. Same reason many adults have a drink at night. Just a nice relaxation. I enjoy the way my brain works while high.
  16. Good question.
  17. what kind of question is that?
    the real question is why dont people use weed
  18. I started smoking for fun. But I have ehlers danlos syndrome and gatsroparesis so the weed helps with the joint and muscle pain as well as the nausea and vomiting. Daily pain so daily smoker.
  19. It allows me to make internal discoveries that I never would have made sober. As a direct result I know myself more than I could have imagined before.
  20. To kill the pain of dystonia. (Google it) And because it looks like I may have been misdiagnosed for 30+ years and have Parkinson's And dystonia. Because of stress of finding out stuff like that, having 3 family members die in last 18 months, migraines and dealing with the remaining family. Life sucks when not high - stay stoned! 

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