Why do you smoke weed?

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  1. I'm pretty new on GC so im not sure if this is the right place to post this but anyways...

    Why do you smoke weed?
    Im interested to hear the reasons people smoke weed. I myself smoke a good amount but i have been starting to think "why do i smoke?" and i feel like i could be so much more succesful if i didnt smoke so much.

    This is what i want to here:
    why do you smoke weed?
    how did you start?
    how does it impact your life? (Good/Bad)

  2. wrong forum but it's ok.
    I started when I was 14, which seems a little early but it helped me drastically.
    It helps me with my skin condition (eczema) and makes me more social. It's helped me find out who I am as a person and when I was in middle/high school I had no identity crisis or insecurities. It helped me get through a very dark time of my life.
  3. because if i did not , lots of mutherfuckers would die 
    only joking ... a bit
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    Because cannabis enhances everything I am currently experiencing and really helps me just smile at everything and accept it.

    I was completely blown my first time blazing with some of the I.T apprentices from work; we just got talking about it one day and one of the guys had a hookup. So we rolled a few joints and got together, what an experience. :smoke:

    As for impacting life. If I were being honest I would have to say that I have enjoyed the change, if anything I feel much more in tune with the present and much more relaxed about the every day.
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    Smoked when I was 16-18 just for fun (and did a bunch of other drugs). Quit it all because I ended up on probation. Started using cannabis again last November (seems like longer, but I immerse myself in the culture and have been high for most of the time since Nov.).
    Started using again to help with pain from chronic migraines that have me out of work on disability. Since then, I've realized how much it has changed my entire view of life for the better. I have chronic depression and general anxiety order, as well (yeah, I'm a freakin mess), and with the right strain combinations all of my problems are treated. Been on medication for depression since I was 15. That stops me from randomly thinking it's a good idea to kill myself, but I've still always been the eternal pessimist. With cannabis, I'm the exact opposite. Without it, my default mental state is unhappiness and good things happening will make me happy. With cannabis, I'm happy by default and have to have something bring me down. It's a perspective that I have never seen before.
    But anyway, yeah. I respond with too much information. What can I say, I'm a writer at heart.
    Edit- The worst part to this story; I live in a state without MMJ laws and currently have no viable way of moving to one with laws.
  6. I'm awfully cynical and jaded, and it puts a little spice back into life. Been clinically depressed since I was as young as 7 or 8 due to chemical imbalance, and it helps like no "legit" medication can, even if I only smoke once a week.
    Helps with writing too. Not that I can't write sober, it just opens up the mind ya know?
    And it allows a certain tranquility you can't find in any other way, both spiritually and mentally.
  7. Why I smoke A few reasons. I have a lot of free time. University gives us barely any work in the UK, even dissertations are not difficult or time consuming if done in the time provided. I've applied to over 350 jobs this year but no luck. Smoking weed takes away my boredom, even if I'm just smoking and looking at nothing and doing nothing I'm entertained. It also makes me feel very relaxed and changes my mindset, allowing me to re-consider how recent situations should be handled, understand how people are from their actions or words, etc. I have a few hobbies which smoking weed makes much more enjoyable for me, and I find homework and coursework much less boring when I'm smoking too. It also motivates me to do things I want much more than being sober.
    How I started A friend in high school's older brother was selling it so he was stealing a few grams a day from him to eat at school or sell. I wanted to try it since seeing Half Baked and Friday so I bought a gram of him and my god that first roll was terrible. However it did get me high and I enjoyed it, so I tried it again and again and next thing you know I became a regular smoker. I don't drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes so this was my wind-down activity I guess.
    How it effects my life Costs a lot. My tolerance gets pretty high easy so I go through a couple grams a day, which doesn't sound like much but when you don't have a job and have to rely on other ways to make money, it gets expensive. After a few weeks of smoking when I look at all the empty baggies I realise how much money is just gone that I could have spent on other things, but it doesn't stop me smoking. On the one hand it feels like a waste as I have nothing to show for it, but on the other hand it is the most enjoyable way I could spend my money.
    Also whenever I have t-breaks or can't afford it for a bit, I have trouble sleeping and eating and get very bored. It would help if I had something to do during the day, I'm taking up cooking to entertain myself though and that's working so far.
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    If you feel you won't be successful unless you quit smoking marijuana, perhaps you should quit smoking marijuana.
    Outside of passing a piss test, which can be cheated anyway, (or you could just quit for 30 days) how does weed stop anybody from being successful? I never understood the logic. Sounds like some people just can't handle responsibilities and smoking bud at the same time.
    Edit: oh, I smoke marijuana because I think it's awesome, it's a beautiful plant, and it's completely curbed my addiction for alcohol.
  9. because it makes me feel good.

    Winds me down after a long day of work... It's better for you than drinking and helps me sleep. Relieves stress.

    Also it is a kind of hobby... Fills some of my free time.. And makes everything way less boring
  10. for the adrenaline that it gives me that being sober doesn't
  11. It's the only thing that won't kill me, while helping with Anxiety/depression.
  12. To make life interesting.
  13. For the same reason people drink alcohol, eat twinkies, play videogames, or indulge in any other hobby/vice. Because I enjoy it.
  14. Because it makes me cool. lol jk
    It takes my aches and pains away. No seriously my joints and muscles feel warm and fuzzy. I love the creativity it brings, drawing high or making music is great! Also You enjoy things differently than you would sober. Just give's you a different perspective of things.
  15. ditto

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  16. I smoke weed because it helps me poop in the morning.
    Ha, jk thats what cigarettes do.
    I love weed.
  17. its all i have
  18. this. for realz. I've got crazy anxiety, depression, suicidal/homicidal tendencies. if I don't have my weed, I lock myself in the room until I do. tis why I grow. absolutely have to have my medicine. prescription drugs never helped, only exacerbated the problems. been smoking regularly for 17 years now. don't get too high anymore, but I still reap the benefits of the magic medicine.
  19. When did I start smoking? I didn't smoke until I was 18. late to the game for my area. On the plus side my friends who were smoking before me already had safe smoke spots. 
    Why do I smoke? I find it helps clear my mind to write, meditate, when I can sleep. It's just relaxing and I will often smoke after fights with the mother, or stressful life events. I enjoy it when the clutter of the day is pushed to the side and I can meditate on certain thoughts or situations, or just enjoy the peace. When done with friends is also a social thing I can enjoy. 
    How did I start? I had joint and a bowl. It didn't hit me. Everyone said I was high but I felt nothing. I had an edible and that was intense. I would be at a friend's house and they'd offer me a bowl. Having no serious reasons against, I never turned it down. Now I have my own stash and one hitter. 
    How has it impacted my life? Well that one is a bit interesting. It hasn't negatively impacted my life. It hasn't super positively impacted my either. I've gained a few casual buddies since smoking. 

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