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Why do you smoke weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Psyk, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. To be rebellious?
    To deal with life issues?
    To act cool?
    Because you feel like it?
    Because you like the way it makes you feel?

    Me personally I like the way it feels and Iove the effect and how it gives me a different out put on life. Also helps deal with life problems :)
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  2. Its better than the alternative.
  3. Creative ideas, heightened sense of taste, to help me sleep, or to just get my mind off something that has been troubling me.
  4. to numb the pain of life :smoking: :D :smoking:
  5. Hip and back pains, insomnia, and depression and I just love get in high lol
  6. Sometimes I get really down buzzed and depressed when baked. Not a nice feeling haha. I deal with down buzz by playing the Pokemon theme and triply dubstep music using my bass headphones haha!
  7. Helps me deal with my gf. Lol.
  8. PTSD and spinal arthritis. Good times. lol
  9. Because it's awesome.
  10. helps me stay positive
  11. I hear that
  12. It simply makes literally everything better, and life more tolerable.
  13. i normally smoke weed at the end of the week to give me something to look forward to
  14. Social aspect is great because there is nothing like getting blaze with friends
  15. I smoke weed because I like to smoke weed.

    I like being high, I like the way good weed tastes, I like the act of smoking and the variety you encounter with different strains and different pieces. It's legitimately enjoyable for me at every stage in the process.
  16. Usually to get high.
  17. To relax at the end of the day or to help me sleep
  18. I'm a veteran, and my back got all fucked up while I was in. I smoke cannabis to help relax, help with my back pain, help with nerves after a long day, and just get high as shit. lol I've messed with other stuff, and nothing...NOTHING gives me the amazing feeling that weed does. Plus, it's natural. Can't go wrong with that.
  19. Helps me mellow out after a long stressful week. It also helps me with my adhd for some reason i seem to be able to concentrate better.
  20. anxiety, insomnia, mild depression, a fucked up knee, neuropathic shoulder pain, the social aspect, spirituality, calms me down when i want to punch someone out, and it basically helps me see the beauty in life.

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