Why do you smoke weed

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  1. Why does everyone here smoke weed? I smoke because, like a lot of people, i have depression and it also it makes everything fun
  2. For the high of course.It helps e cope with life,enjoy the simple pleasures and realize whats important.Who needs to worry about petty bullshit?

  3. Wow sir .. that sounds like the weed controls you instead of you controlling it .. i smoke for da hell of it .. usually out of boredom .. so ill smoke on something n play a video game or watch a movie or watch some tv .. bcuz entertainment is cool but high entertainment is the shit .. i also like to bbq .. so ill smoke on something for the appetite then go out n bbq so by the time its done .. im hungry as hell and the food tastes so delicious .. but yeah sir .. dont hit it to cover up issues of depression bcuz thats a different subject ..
  4. It really takes the edge off
  5. Because it feels better than pills and fewer side effects.
  6. I don't see the resemblance.
  7. Because I'm only a genius when I'm high (in my own mind of course).
  8. 'cause it feels good man
  9. Makes things more fun and I create some interesting stuff when I'm on it. It's my beer at the end of the day
  10. To prevent me from touching alcohol.
  11. takes the pain away
  12. This may sound weird, but I like smoking weed for the thrill that the high gives me, also for the distorted world around me. I feel like I'm in a level in a video game or something.
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  13. I like the creativity i get from smoking weed i usually write songs it opens my mind to new song ideas , makes everything more fun and watching movies while high is always fun to do
  14. it improves my quality/enjoyment of life. Only going to live this thing once, might as well be high most of the day every day and make this one life the best it can be.
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  15. why not.. its word
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    I'm a whole different person when smoking weed. I suddenly become optimistic and the "chill" type of guy. I smoke usually after a long tiring day.
  17. Same as most responses here- however I find that weed has the biggest influence on me while SOBER. It makes me realize how lucky I am to have everything I do ect
  18. Its the only Thing that can slow me down and make me smell the roses. My mind and body go a million miles an hr all the time and I love it when I can just have a few hrs of mental peice! I have bad ADD and stopped taking meds years ago for the same reason everyone else did, I was a zombie. Right now im not smoking while I hunt for a new job and its driving me insane! I gotta move west soon....

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