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Why Do You Smoke Weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by youngfranko, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. I love smoking weed and the reason i smoke is because it makes me feel better, it motivates me to do stuff that i really dont want to do , It relaxes me as well. It makes my life more enjoyable, i dont have alot of money, but i do work and weed helps me to stay on the right track, and also people make me sick, i hate a lot of people and weed helps deal with those people. Weed makes everything in my life better!
  2. I started off smoking because I have a really bad problem with migraine head aches. Now I smoke because it makes literally anything fun, I mean hell I can have fun going to wal mart with some friends! The thing I really love about smoking is I feel it brings people together, and I love nothing more then chilling out watching some netflix passing bongs around with good friends.
  3. To get high:cool:
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    My cousin suggested that I start smoking marijuana when he saw how my PTSD and OCD and Chronic Pain was really effecting my life. Yet to know it worked and I love marijuana because with out it, My life would be hell. And I will be Medical in November.
  5. To protect my sanity.
  6. It helps me relax and it takes me to a different place. Just an all-around good feeling unless I smoke TOO much. there is definitely a threshold at which I feel I'm too high haha.
  7. I smoke Weed because it calms me down and helps me focus and mostly For FUN!!!:wave:
  8. I smoke weed because it helps calm me down, helps me to be more thankful and respectful.
  9. I like the altered perception that weed gives me. It helps me keep a positive state of mind, and it's good for reflection and introspection. I also feel that it can sometimes enhance my creativity, which is nice, and I love the lift in mood that a good toke can give me. Plus, music sounds so good, and food tastes delicious. Not to mention it's fun to smoke with friends. I've had some great stoned conversations and lots of laughs.
  10. To get away from this pathetic world.
  11. i smoke it illegally but i treat it as medicine for my stress, wrist and thumb pain

  12. I started smoking a couple years ago for sleeping problems but now mainly use it for a potentiator and pain/anxiety relief.
  13. I felt like without herb in my life i was too cynical and quite rude.
    Plus it helps with my severe social anxiety.

    But being stoned is a plus ;)
  14. To be a better person.
  15. Because weed makes everything way better, also because it's one of the few healthy ways I can relax
  16. I use it for my depression. It works better for me personally then my prescribed medicine (Prozac).

    It makes EVERYTHING more interesting.

    Plus the High is nice as well. :smoke:

  17. Did u know Thai prostitutes = great workout :eek:?
  18. The question is why shouldn't I smoke weed?

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