Why do you smoke weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by desuforeverlulz, May 5, 2012.

  1. I'm just wondering what specific purpose drives people to smoke weed. To escape? To have fun? To open your mind?
  2. oh y'know, to look like the rawest gangster alive
  3. When I first started smoking as a youngin' I smoked because I simply enjoyed the feeling.

    Now days, I use it for medicinal purposes as I have my card, as well as recreational use.

    I guess my answer is because I enjoy it.
  4. Because I can
  5. It is the new fad, haven't you heard :cool:
  6. So people will think I am cool:cool:
  7. To get high
  8. So I can get it up.
  9. Just to enjoy it. After a long day its so easy to relax at night.. I don't need bud to relax, but it defiantly makes relaxing more enjoyable.
  10. i smoke weed because i like to eat
  11. To chill out after work, to sleep, to increase my appetite
  12. because i enjoy it

  13. I hope you aren't serious...:hide:

    I smoke weed because I enjoy the highs. :smoking:
  14. Lol no i was kidding, that was the case several years ago though I'm assuming everyone else too when they started.
  15. relaxation... helps with sleep. Also improves mental state, takes me up high when I need a break from the realities of a tough day.
  16. Feels good man :smoke:
  17. NO MORE MIGRAINES!!!!!!! :yay:

    When I am writing, it is a mind lubricant- the ideas slip and slide into all sorts of interesting configurations. When I was in college, the profs said I brought "novel takes on tired, old subjects" - I got stoned and wrote... and cleaned it up later when I was sober. ;) (My spelling sucks when I am writing and my mind is racing!)

    Also, cannabis is just plain fun! :smoke:

    Granny :wave:
  18. cuz bud is gud

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