Why do you smoke? Daily users

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  1. Other than medical needs why do you people smoke every day? I'm curious what other peoples motivation is for lighting up. I mean, there has got to be a reason right? Even if it is as simple as you like to get stoned or as profound as you feeling closer to the earth and one with the heavens.

    Please be known this isn't for critisizing or judging people. I'm just stoned. :bongin:

    I smoke because it makes me feel grounded and relaxed. My head can get out of order fast and weed slows me down and lets me focus on .. anything. Just in general. Most people say it does the opposite and they can't focus. :confused_2: Plus I get high .. the boring becomes not. Things are more enjoyable because things are funnier? For me.
  2. So many fucking reasons...

    Everything is so much better when you're stoned and on top of that, going to sleep high is the best sleep ever. The fact of going to sleep knowing you're going to get high again tomorrow, makes it that much more enjoyable too.
  3. boredom. everything just seems so dull when you arn't high.
  4. i love the act of smoking, i love how it feels when you're breathing in the smoke. i love getting higher and higher with each hit, i love the peace feeling when you're smoking with friends, everyones so relaxed and chilled out... enjoying themselves

    i love how i'm able to zone out and appreciate things alot more, like music, food and tv

    i can listen to people, i find things more interesting,

    when i'm sober everything is very boring and i cant concentrate for shit, when im high it's like wow.. inever noticied that before... its given me many close friends and good times,

    i love the process of weed... getting the money together, then buying it, rolling up and the feeling before you light up.

    ive been toking every day for years and wouldnt change a single thing about it :)
  5. relaxation after a night of working
  6. Well there is really only 2 reasons to smoke...medicinal and recreational.

    I smoke because, well, it's fun. Basically because of what everyone else said...
  7. after work smoke for relaxing
    smoking as a social activity
    smoking to cure boredom
    smoking to help me pay attention in class and take good notes
    smoking to help me eat (medical use, but i live in KS so it's more of a self-diagnosed thing...)
    being high makes music (most art, imo) better, both creating and listening (seeing, feeling, whatever)
    smoking to help me go to sleep when i can't
  8. hell yeah thats the fuckin truth man
  9. I smoke for medical reasons and recreational reasons, but mostly for medical reasons.

    Chronic pain in my right shoulder, that pain is just gone when I'm stoned, and helps me sleep a lot better.

    I weigh 145lbs and have a high matabolism so it also helps me eat a lot and "try" to gain weight.

    I also use it for recreational reasons, just to go out and have fun.
  10. Because I can
  11. ^^^ word. haha

    yes, i'm glad for these responses. especially postblue. you got it man - i feel everything you said.

    it's awesome to have that just-off perspective on things when you're high. i feel like it engages you more. in anything you do.

    paper navigator i guess if you take a step back it looks that way. like for cut and simple facts. but with that you're missing the real magic. ;)
  12. When I smoke, I'm able to think more deeply about outer space-- what I'm passionate about.
  13. I smoke for recreational and medicinal purposes. Recreational to enjoy at the end of the day as a way to relax and medicinally for my Crohn's disease, which pot does wonders for.
  14. I just wanna say man, this is a pure beauty of a fucking statement. You made my night man. Thanks dude
  15. at least half the fun is the act of smoking the ganja. out of a bubbler, blunt, bong whatever you want its your choice. not like drinking where you just pour poison in your body (don't get me wrong, i enjoy drinking. especially whiskey :))

    and then when you are high your mind feels clear as if you can think about anything. music is so much more complex, intricate, and incredible. and fucking food yes! :D

    Only our society would take this gift and try to turn it into something evil
  16. two different reasons for different times

    1. to get fucked up. to go t ospace, to explore my mind at its inner depths.

    2. to make things better. just mkae life more interesting, plus it really does feel good on the body people seem to forget that. weed doesnt just fuck you up mentally, it gives you an awesome body high,.
  17. when im stoned i can see the motivation behind peoples actions. it also chills me out, and i can focus on the important things in my life. lets not forget it feels good too
  18. A ton of reasons but the main one is that it makes life many times better with insignificant and maybe even no bad effects at all (barring a lack of self control/etc). I believe with these things being true that it's retarded to not get high as much as a person can and still function in life.
  19. after working thirds at my crappy jobs dealing with the drunks all night it just lets me relax and enjoy the small amount of time to my self alot more
  20. i smoke for a couple reasons

    one helps me sleep (insomia) two helps me get away from stress, three makes my day better!

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