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Why do you lose sleep when you don't smoke (if you're a daily smoker)?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Royksopp, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Well, I have insomnia so I know why I can't sleep if I don't smoke. But what about the people who don't? Some people have told me they have trouble sleeping for a few nights if they stop smoking. Anyone know why?
  2. I dont think its full blown insomnia. Well in my case it isnt. Try to lay in bed untill you sleep. It sucks and I hate doing it, but eventually in a couple hours you will sleep. Then wake up and go your daily routine but you will be more tired. Then sleep at the same time and keep repeating till you are able to fall asleep. (by the way it requires NO SMOKING for those days till you sleep quickly and soundly through the night.) Anyways, of you do this you will (well it did for me) get on a sleep pattern and you will notice how a body sleeps off weed. LOL it actually feels kinda good, BUT ID RATHER SMOKE :) so im in the same position as you and I need to smoke myself to sleep. And I believe this to be the reason why--->As smokers/stoners/or wtvr... we are used to being high and we enjoy the feeling, so much that even if we are tired or feeling down, if we smoke it uplifts us, it even rejuvinates me. I wake n bake cuz it makes me feel good to go in the morning. As stated before, we like this feeling...this coupled with the fact that you smoke at night means that you dont wanna sleep cuz you want to enjoy your high...Its why Im up now. I shoulda slept at 12 or so cuz I know ill be tired in the morning, but I smoked so I'd rather be on GC. So then we tell ourselves "FUCK I need to sleep. Im gonna be tired." So we smoke ourselves to sleep cuz its the only way. wont stop smoking so just take my word for the better sleep patterns lol...
  3. Oh dude I'm not talking about me. That's why I said I know why I can't sleep without insomnia. I was talking about people who don't have insomnia and are daily smokers and have trouble sleeping once they stop.
  4. I have trouble sleeping always have but i find myself slightly more irritable if i dont smoke for a few days and then wont be able to fall asleep. but most of the time i cant sleep anyways. there has to be a perfect scenario for me like, lights on or off, one blanket/two what the temperature is, how soft my pillow is hahah. two days ago i went to bed at 12 at night after smoking for over 12 ours off an on, and being awake for 28(insomnia) and ended up sleeping all of the day away (full 24 hours) and here i am awake in the middle of the night again
  5. Hah, I have insomnia too, and I prefer smoking weed so much more than taking my meds. I wish I was in a state where medical marijuana was legal :(. Weed makes my meds pale in comparison in the ability to put me into a good sleep and make me feel well rested in the morning. I too would like to know how not smoking, for a daily smoker without insomnia, would affect them when it comes to sleeping.
  6. I think it's sort of a withdrawal symptom of not smoking. For me and I'm sure for others too it is always easier to fall asleep when high because drowsiness is a side effect of weed, especially at the end of the day when you'd be tired anyways. Once you go to sleep high every night for weeks or months at a time, your body just gets so used to falling asleep so quickly because of the fact that you're high. Then once you try to fall asleep sober after that, it only seems harder to fall asleep because you were so used to it being so easy because you were high, when really you're falling asleep at a normal rate. Sorry if this makes no sense, its kind of hard to explain in words.
  7. It's only like that for the first 3 or 4 days i'd say, because you're so used to falling asleep high. When I quit, i just took melatonin, or drank a couple beers. I used to kinda have insomnia, now I can fall asleep pretty easy. I just have to relax my mind, and relax my jaw.
  8. I get this. Someone gave me a good explanation of this recently. When your smoking every day and getting baked as fuck, your body is fighting to stay awake til you eventually go off to bed. Obviously suddenly stopping smoking will fuck you up then!

    I usually get pretty bad insomnia for a few days when i stop, its like you just cant switch off and make the transistion from awake to sleep. Damn annoying!
  9. I agree with the poster that said it's a withdrawal symptom......not serious or anything. Just mild withdrawal symptom that subsides within days.
  10. I don't know but weed makes sleeping so easy that when I dont smoke it feels like its much harder to sleep, when really I used to take that long getting to sleep before i started blazing anyway.
  11. this happened to me a month or so ago, i went home for the weekend to work, didnt sleep but like 3 hours during the night...ended up going back to my apartment to sleep the next night.

    i guess i am just used to having 2 bowls in me to help me fall asleep
  12. I think it might have to do with marijuana increasing melatonin levels quite a bit, then stopping smoking, and not having that extra melatonin to get to sleep, and the melatonin your body releases just isn't enough to get to sleep. The same thing happens, to me at least, when I stop taking melatonin during off periods of smoking. Just buy some melatonin at a grocery store and try that, usually works for me. Melatonin does regulate your sleep patterns, and marijuana does increase melatonin levels, so that rapid change might be enough to throw off your sleep pattern. Just a theory, but it made sense to me so that is my explanation for it.
  13. I sleep a lot better when I have smoked earlier in the day. Just something about it, I have an easier time passing out if I have already come down from a high. I can sleep just well without smoking but I have to be really tired or my mind wanders and I have a more difficult time.
  14. as said b4 melatonin is great to help you fall asleep... i have a cold and cant smoke till it goes away and i am just starting to realize how hard it is to fall asleep without mj... but i took 1 melatonin pill and passed right out last nite...

    and i dont have insomnia i useually fall asleep around 12am-1am and wake up at 9ish but without weed it makes falling asleep less enjoyable
  15. I have insomnia too! Granted, it used to be a lot worse, but it really is annoying sometimes.

    Anywho, it's just like rebound insomnia. If you take sleeping pills every night for a month and then just stop taking them, you're going to have a LOT of trouble sleeping for the next few nights after it. You just get so used to relying on a substance to make you fall asleep than just falling asleep naturally that it's a little difficult to do sometimes.
  16. Yeh man it sucks, I usually try not to smoke on a sunday night to try and brace myself for work on a monday morning and I rarely get more than 3 hours sleep:( I just feel restless.
  17. Its definately your bodies melatonin levels. Do yourself a favor, go out to GNC, buy yourself a bottle of melatonin. Makes weed withdrawal painless. Also it gives me really interesting dreams:)
  18. you can still sleep after having stopped smoking for a bit. you just need to understand that it definately wont be as easy and confortable as when you're high as fuck.

    I get comfy and pay very close attention to my breathing. I also use a mantra to describe the breathing to my self; If my tomach is rising from inhaling i make a mental note, "rising." If my stomach is falling from exhaling, "falling." This is a meditation technique that is also very good at stopping the influx of thoughts that distract your brain from wanting to sleep, because you're in the present moment (which weed is very good at doing.) That way it can focus more on producing melatonin.
  19. Im a daily smoker,i dont have insomnia,and if i dont get a smoke for ever 1 day i cant sleep (as good).

    I personally think i lose sleep because when im high i just find something to focus on thats so wild my mind absorbs and falls into sleep.

    It feels like very short time but its actually kind of long.

    When i dont smoke it feels like forever so i get irritated and then cant sleep cause my mind is thinking about real shit in life.
  20. My sleeping schedule is an absolute disaster right now........fuck my life.

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