Why do you honestly love weed?

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  1. I love weed because it makes my whole life so much better. When i work out, i can smoke a J beforehand, and workout harder and concentrate on technique much better than when im sober. When im studying for a test, i can spark up a bowl and go into deep thought about the literature and get a permanent understanding. When im chilling with my buddys, we smoke and we have a great time no matter what we do and were honest with each other. And when im with my girl, smoking makes me a much better boyfriend and a hell of a lot nicer person. I don't know what id do without you Mary Jane. I'm new to the forum, let me know why you guys love weed like i do.
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  2. For me dude, it helped me overcome social anxiety, helped me discover new types of music, create music and shit. But the real reason i love it is because it just gives you that extra boost you know?

    If your sad and depressed, smoking can take all that away. If your happy as fuck and you smoke, you just get a better high
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  3. It gets me high, true story
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  4. idk i think it really helped me. it helps me remain unstressed in this stressful world, and to reavaluate my life goals and what i am doing. since ive been daily smoking i have gotten a second job and am attending college full time, and getting the best grades ive ever gotten
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  5. I'm glad for you bro, it definetly has made me enjoy life a lot more, i hate when people say weed makes you lazy and unsocial. I would have never met my girl or started working out without weed
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  6. Keeps me away from drugs like Ritalin and anti-depressants

  7. My sister is the exact opposite of me man, she has Horrible social problems... had no friends. One day i made her a firecracker and she was gone... took her out to chill with friends that night and we split up into 2 groups. In her group she actually smoked half a joint. Since then shes been hanging out with friends and shit... im so fucking happy for her, the herb helped over overcome her social problems and shit.
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    Marijuana balances me out, something a lot of people can't seem to comprehend.
    I'm a very angry person at everything but don't show it. I hide behind a facade of being outgoing and funny, but in reality im a dick.
    Only the closest off friends/girlfriend know this, and because they're still around they still remain closest to me.
    This plant has given me something. Even when I'm sober now I don't fall into the flaws of humanity nearly as often.
    Jealousy, anger, and paranoia, problems I used to have are toned down tenfold.
    It also helps me eat sometimes haha.
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  9. I love the feeling, the relaxation, the process of smoking, the bonding with friends. It also makes me a more confident person, and I have now found a career path which I absolutely love, and weed helped me make the decision to take it. Honestly, I sit and think sometimes that if I was never introduced to the herb I would still be on a 'road to nowhere'.

  10. I'm right there with you Free SL. I have really bad anger problems but they are always hid behind a monsterous amount of humor. Weed makes me a less angry version of me... I love life and shit, but I can have a brutal temper:/
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  11. :hello: Incredibly similar to my situation..brightens my day that others to have been in my spot and been able to progress through it and overcome.
  12. Its like the g spot
  13. "We were smoking to get high"
  14. Helps calm me down with my adhd, and i just love gettin a few grams on the weekend with a couple of my friends in my house with some music weed, and a guitar, just cant beat it.
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  15. Because im a pothead.
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  16. Just gets me lifted. Makes me chill and waste time and be damn comfortable while I do.
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  17. I get high to balance out the lows. Lol jk, every time I get high it's a mind expanding adventure.
  18. I love weed because it helps me cope with shark week every month.
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  19. Read my Sig.
  20. because i love getting high. just a weed high is all i need. but then i started smoking regularly and found out it helped me sleep. helped me calm down helped me think. helped me write music better, and more creatively.

    i love the high, and i love all of the bonuses. so, basically that.^

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