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Why do you guys like cannabis so much?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MarsColonist, Mar 14, 2023.

  1. I don't really understand why everyone seems so excited about cannabis. I had heard so many people giggling as they made comments about weed references while I was going through school like it was some amazing hidden secret or something.

    So fast forward some number of years and then my state legalized it, and so I went and tried a few different cultivars... and it was really not that exciting.

    I remember once I used some random sativa I got at a dispensary, and it seemed to make me feel like I had tunnel vision or something. Hyper focus or something? Idk... The most interesting thing about the experience is that time felt like it was slowing down. And it made me really sleepy. I was watching tv while I was using it.

    Then later I tried some indica... I think it was Ghost OG. Also from a dispensary. And I remember it made the rest of my body feel weird. Maybe tingly or something? Not sure how to describe, and it was more than a year ago so my memory is getting kinda fuzzy. I guess this is the "body high" people talk about. I had some painful cut at the time and the pain went away, which was nice... but not especially amazing because so many other medications can make pain go away...

    I don't really remember how much I used in each case and I really suck at smoking because it's so unpleasant. Maybe I needed to use a higher dose to have a better experience or something? Or is that about all you can expect from cannabis...?

    The most interesting thing about cannabis for me is the medicinal uses. I mean, once I used it while I was having nausea and vomiting and I noticed it almost immediately made me feel better.

    For recreational use, it seems like a pretty boring drug tbh. Am I wrong? Hard to see why anyone would put up with the unpleasantness of smoking for such an uninteresting recreational drug. Even harder to see why people would love this drug so much they'd spend $600 on a vaporizer so they can use it.

    Did I just not use enough maybe? Or maybe there are some particular cultivars that have more interesting effects?

    I mean I know weed isn't a "hallucinogen," but I guess I thought the psychological effects of it would be more exciting. More like what people say using shrooms is like maybe. It was really disappointing.

    Sorry for rambling...
  2. Some people just cant get the effect as a newbie.You shouldnt partake in smoking you may jump off a building. Peace Out.
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  3. My ROFFU dry herb vaporizer was less than $200 with two spare batteries and I find it to be a quality product. I have not gone back to smoking. I find vaping a more pleasant experience than smoking.

    If you don't like it don't do it. I like experiencing an altered state of mind. Yes time slows down but that is part of the experience. All of the strains that I have tried give me about the same experience.
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  4. I was also wondering if you need to be doing something else while you're high to really enjoy it or something. Watching certain movies, playing certain video games, being at a party with people or something...? I was basically just sitting around expecting something interesting to happen, and it didn't.
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  5. To me, it's like rich chocolate or good coffee. It's just something to enjoy.
    Some people spend thousands on a good espresso machine. Go figure.
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  6. So you've never properly been stoned and talking about how you think it sucks lol. Joey Diaz should slip you a star of death and humble you grasshopper
  7. It does sound like you haven't smoked enough to get a decent high. Or it's just not for you. I get that smoking is unpleasant so try a concentrate so you don't have to smoke much. Maybe a quality edible. Good luck.
    And, oh, yeah, definitely do something fun.
  8. were you sitting on the washing machine (on spin cycle) while smoking? :weed:

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