Why do you grow?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lacrossestar, Jun 5, 2003.


Why do you Grow Marijuana

  1. for personal use! of course the best route

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  2. for $ cause i need to make a living

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  1. why do grow? i grow for personal use only
  2. To provide myself and other ill medical marijuana patients relief through cannabis therapy...and to make ends meet.
  3. i grow for personal use only
  4. Well I'm the greedy asshole then....lol

    I'm gonna be growing for both.

    But it started with the intent for just personal. Now I'm gonna be selling it to my friends at rediculous prices so we can all smoke like crazy.
  5. personal use, but sell a little to cover cost of nutrients, grow supplies, and the price of building my cabinet:)
  6. dollar dollar bills yall!!!!!
  7. I grow it because I am honestly just in love with mary jane... Hah... personal use
  8. ive never sold my stuff.

    and there is no reason to NOT grow it...its so easy and then i dont have to deal with the 'man' about buying/selling.

    honestly i dont remember the last time i bought some...that would be a good poll :)

  9. haha me too;)
  10. i wish it would .
  11. i do it because i think it make sthe somke much better when u made it urself and know that all ur hard work paid off.

    Peace out!
  12. I am afraid of getting robbed at gun point just by being in certain zones,plus the cost of weed has skyrocketed.I have been robbed 3 times and could have been killed.
  13. Being an exemptee I can truly say that I grow to stay alive. It gives us all the munchies and that is why I am exempt.Pot also helps to manage the side effects of all the meds I am taking.Plus being at home all day is very boring. We all need a hobby, don't we. GROWBIGBUDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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