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Why do you get high?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NYC Diesel, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. What are some of the reasons you're in love with mary jane? (Don't just say its fun)
  2. I generally like smoking. I love how it feels.
    Also, it's fun. :p
  3. Trainspotting 1996

    We do drugs because they are fun.
  4. It gives me insight to my inner-self I wouldn't otherwise be able to see without it. It

    allows me to view problems from a different perspective so I might be able to solve it differently.

    It turns a shitty day good.

    It's my anti-drug. (hardcore drugs)

    Relaxes my muscles after a hard day at work.

    Allows me to be more creative with my writings.

    When I am not hungry it makes me hungry. (flu like symptoms)

    Allows me to socially interact with every type of people and not judge them by social status or looks.

    Gets me motivated to do strenuous work that I wouldn't otherwise want to do.

    Gives me a reason to act stupid around friends.
  5. My favorite thing is comedy, anything funny just brightens my day. so burning, then laughing is just so uplifting. and i love food
  6. because it makes me happy, hungry, and sleepy
    and i think we could all use a little of that :bongin:
  7. because its fun. really, that and the feeling, the high wisdom i recieve, where you come up with something awesome then forget it seconds later.. :smoking:
  8. i love MJ bc of the way I perceive the lifestyle that goes with it
    bc it relaxes me
    bc i have add and take adderall which makes u not eat or sleep and MJ soves both
    bc it de-stresses me after work
    slows my mind down to a normal level so i can focus
    helps me turn off my mind at night so i can sleep
    things dont bother me as much when im high, like annoying people etc..

    pretty much everything is better when your high..
  9. ^ word 69. i thought i figured out proof that the universe expands once, then i forgot it midway through writing it down. shame haha
  10. i enjoy how it makes me feel

    to get a different perspective on things.

    turns a bad day good

    makes a boring thing fun

    i enjoy the actual smoking part

    makes things a lot funnier, and i like to laugh

    gives me some good stories to tell
  11. I worry about people less. I'm more comfortable with my thoughts. I'm more comfortable with my behaviour. I come up with the trippiest shit. I end up in the funniest situations. I'm more loose and playful. The world seems brighter and is somehow made easier to understand. I work harder and better when I'm high or know I'll be getting high soon. I sleep easier and always have nice dreams. I munch hard...:yummy:
  12. Lol

    It lets me have deep conversations wit my friends about stuff that I would not otherwise talk
    like my ex-love of PokeMon :D which i still love :p (only #1-151)
  13. #13 BuzzLightOne, Jun 1, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 1, 2009
    I love the way it makes me happy.
  14. Its the only place where i can just zone out all the bullshit that floats around in the world.:smoking:
  15. I use it to relax more than anything
  16. I would say, as a ranking

    1. The euphoria
    2. The feeling of being high ( a very very close second, almost a tie)
    3. Thinking differently/creativity

    I actually dont like the smoking part, but I love being high :smoking:!
  17. im not the all day all night smoker, but i do love a few nice bong rips at the end of a long day at work

    and sometimes lunch break at work

    and sometimes before work

    shit im always smoking:smoking:
  18. i like the high
  19. Because it's greaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt. I love being high because... it's greaaaaaattt!

    I love waking up and starting my day off with a nice buzz, then proceeding to class or work with this nice buzz. I enjoy the day so much more, and it helps me have patience for all the bullshit that comes my way.
    I get high as i get by because it's great, because i adore the feeling and because i adore weed. I love breaking up the green, feeling it, smelling it, rolling it, sparking it, smoking it, or maybe even packing it.
    I get high, i aim high, and i achieve high goals as i am high.
    I love that once my day is over, or perhaps even during the day between a break, i get high with my friends and we hang out... laughing... listening to music... living life with smiles instead of stress.
    I love that at the end of the day, i walk into my room and say fuck yessssssss time for a blunnnt! And i roll that blunt man, and right when i'm about to spark it someone walks into my room and says, heyyyyyy!!! i KNEW it! let's match!
    That's when i love the fact that i get high so much more, there's a community of me out there, there's a community of us. I love getting high because it's better than being down. Because being high... there's no way i can put this into words. I simply love to get high.
  20. I LOVE being high, it enhances everything. I love to have some friends come over chill and then smoke some bowls. I love meeting new people and smoking with them, and getting some people REALLY high. But really I just love bonding with my friends and making memories.

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