why do YOU do drugs?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by trey fitty 31, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. i just want to see some opinions
    personnaly theres nothing to do in my town
    i do itbecause im bored and theres nothing else to do
    and also i find that psycadelics rely change your perspective on life and make you question things more and change you as a person
  2. Bored/to party/bad day/just for the fuck of it. That's about all my reasons.
  3. they are enjoyable
  4. Drugs put you in another world or in a complete different mind set. My momma always told me it's good to be different ;)
  5. The drugs that I do (mostly weed, rarely opiates and benzos, sometimes alcohol) are fun, and they make me appreciate music greatly.

    Also, theres nothing to do at all in my town.
  6. My thinking is that the evolution of the human psyche was focused on survival. Survival is no longer the primary task of the human brain. Those functions are now relegated to the subconscious, but still hold a strong grip over the focus of our conscious attentions, we just don't realize how much so. Now that we have the advanced society we have now we should be able to focus on more social and intellectually contemplative matters, but unfortunately our physiological evolution is unable to keep pace with the real world needs of a race that has largely conquered the world around it. By using drugs I feel we are able to get glimpses of the scope of the ideas we tend not to think about. (thus stereotypical, but worthwhile stoner discussions about things like "why do we still have capitalism?" and the like)
    Essentially what I'm saying is, the human body is largely obsolete, and some drugs can show you how much)

    Also, some of them are just damn fun! :p
  7. very good answer

  8. :smoking:

    hahahaha nice dude, I really never even thought that hard into it!
  9. If you're interested in why we still have capitalism you should check out the works of Karl Marx. ;)

    If you read The Communist Manifesto a few times you might get a better understanding of the answer to that question.
  10. @ Dramacyde: I've read Marx, and I'm a Socialist. ;-)
    I was just using that as an example of the kind of things people often realize are so absurd about their lives while on drugs. There is a reason we have a thread called "The Stoner Realization Thread". :p

    After doing mescaline the only thing I could think for days was how absurd everything around me was, and I should really be focusing on how nice the world around me was and how good it felt to be with nice people, not the many small things people fill their day being annoyed with.
    It's a bittersweet feeling really.
  11. I find it interesting that certain chemicals can put you in an altered state of mind.
  12. I use drugs to relax every now and then. Sometimes it is impossible to relax or chill out when so much is going through your head; work, family, problems, etc. Drugs allow you to take a break.

  13. Ive read it, he makes it sound like you could build a communist utopia. Im down for a Utopia:D

    If only it worked:(
  14. I begin to appreciate the world around me much more on drugs. Everything is more vibrant and exciting. For example: My major is Architecture. I love architecture. When I smoke weed and then pick up an architecture book, it is the most amazing thing. I begin to notice things I previously over looked. I could read books over and over and over and still be in awe.

    I like that.
  15. makes it funner to be creative, music sounds better, you feel great, and you forget about all the bullshit that goes along with the real world.
  16. Drugs = Escape

    For me at least, Im sure not everyone is like this.
  17. i dont even have a good reason i just like to get fucked up
  18. deep thinking, euphoria, I love everything about cannabis- smelling it, looking it, touching it, buying it, stocking up on different strains and putting them in the bong

    weed makes everything more interesting and like others have said- I'm unfortunate enough to live in a boring f***ing town so herb is great for when i am hanging with friends or doing my own thing......

    some people might think i'm weird- but sometimes just driving around and finding a nice spot to blaze in myself when there isn't anything to do can be chilled- and blast some good indie music. also writing songs are drawing---- anything art.

    I also love that weed puts me in a low dose psychedelic state of mind- and all the thinking that comes with it........... plus i can rely on weed more then people when it comes down to it

    there are many reasons I can give for using cannabis-------- it's almost like a relationship in a way ;/ i plan on becoming a weekend warrior though like i posted somewhere else
  19. i drink and do opiates/sedatives because theres huge family history with addictions to em, and i started taking depressants and shit like vicodin when i was a young dude, and because i enjoy being ultimately relaxed. i do other shit cause of the change in perception.
  20. Well I first started smoking weed cause my friend peer pressured me into taking several hits a little bit over a year ago. Now i do it because its just fun. What else makes you laugh and feel good for absolutely no reason?

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