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Why do ya love the city?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Oct 30, 2002.

  1. K, i jus noticed theirs other boards with more members, but why do I stay here. Simple, the love. Haha, yea, its much more peaceful here, gotta love the atmosphere.
  2. I have to say.........the people here seem more geniune, less full of themself and are down to earth, free-spirited souls like myself. Plus, we seem to laugh together and I love all the good karma that comes from here!!!!!!! LOL.
  3. I feel a lovefest coming on!!!!;)

    I think that we have a cool thing going on here....we don't all agree on everything which makes it even more interesting at times...but we seem to respect one anothers views for the most part and that makes for a peaceful City!!!
  4. hell yes! thats what im talkin bout. we got some good karma baby!

    PS RaYdIaToR Trial 2, rite now, stoned.
  5. lovefest



  6. hell yes, love is expressed best in an orgy

  7. LOL........indeed it is!!!!!! But even if its not, there will be alot of kinky memories!!!!!!!!!
  8. that'll be in my dreams for years to come
  9. I just like the vibe I get here.
  10. I think less people lie here than other sites, i go over places and you can tell people are talking way out there ass. Theres so much love and respect here, i love this site, i never thought i'd visit a single website this fucking much. Every time I come here I almost always learn something new too. Ok i gotta go a friend is coming over to smoke one with me and its like 1:30am allready, lol, i'm going to be so tired in school, lol. MCL.
  11. i think its church that keeps me coming. back.
  12. damn ray, i smoked last night around midnight and I never remembered sleeping this morning and felt like shit in school.
  13. this place is the shit... People are much more friendly and definitely more respectful of each other... although I must admit to get the most respect you have to be an "O.F.F.F" lol, I still like the idea of Y.F.F.F. oh well, the people here stil rule... I always check it in my spare time, especially before I go to bed and when I'm stoned.

    peace and love this place
  14. Orgy and church in the same thread....gotta love the city....
  15. You guys don't need to lie to kick it, we all know the one reason that keeps everyone coming back.............

    Me ;) Just kidding I love you guys and I don't know what I woulddo with out you. You know what I was freaking out about the other day, If I die how will you guys know? I'm gonna tell ny best friend if something ever happens to me she must come here and inform the masses.

    p.s. If I dissapear know I love you ;)
  16. Well let me see..

    Could it be the love?

    Could it be the great people?

    Maybe the sex?

    How about we all love the same kinky things?

    Well what ever the reason, I'm glad we are all here.

    Peace, love and Insanity!!!
  17. The supportive people. This may sound weird but I get my kicks from helping people, and this is a great place to do it. And there's always beaver lick. It's time for my first communion (of the day).
    *cough cough*

    Now for the second. :)
    Time to go pray at the alter.
    (This is the alter)

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  18. nice, can i be a priest?
  19. I like it down here 'cause we're all peoples of the same sort ("potheads" :D) and you don't get crusified down here for talking honest about pot...

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