Why do women fart in private,,,,,

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  1. MY LADY FRIEND,,,,,absolutlly will not fart if im around her,,,,,,,,say shes laying in the bed,,,,and i leave the room,,,just to come right back,,,,,

    well she will fart while im gone,,,,,,

    me on the other han will fart right under the covers,,,,and '' fan'' the covers,,,,

    it's the fart game,,,,,:mad: but sadly she wont play it,,,,,,,,

    does anyone else have this issue,, thier lady friends not wanting you to observe certain activities,,,,,,,,
  2. We have been together 10 years, we are both female and both fart in front
    of each other lol
  3. They're afraid....of the truth!

    This brings me to my second hypothesis:

  4. Agreed, and I refuse to believe otherwise.
  5. 2 girls one cup?
  6. my ex wouldn't use the bathroom at my house because she thought i would be listening to her go to the bathroom.

    i mean WTF?

    hell she almost pissed her pants because of it.
  7. My girl friend won't use the toilet for #2 when I'm around shes afraid I'll hear it.. hell I'm the same way haha.

    Yeh she won't fart in front of me really she usually leaves the room or goes far away. I can't say I do the same hahaha should see her face I love it. :smoke:
  8. if only they knew how turned on we would be by the sound of them lettig one rip,,,,,
  9. From a Freudian perspective, they don't want to sway you away from anal sex. Unless you're chicken, that is.
  10. haven't you figured out that chicks don't fart? that's why they have boobs isn't it? or at least i think:p
  11. They hide alot of things, farts being very low on the list.

    "oh thats what your looking for is it..a farter" -theres something about mary"
  12. I'm sure glad they don't for some reason when a girl farts.......it's so much worse than when a guy fart.

    Guess I'm brainwashed by the media :cool:.
  13. you bumped a old thread my blade,,,,,

    but the answer to the question has yet to be answered by a ladie,,,,:cool:
  14. me on the other han will fart right under the covers,,,,and '' fan'' the covers,,,,


  15. Haha yeah, I did.
  16. dont tell me chicks done fart. one like the last 2 girls i banged both pussy farts. its weird that said iwa slike packing air into their vagina in the positoin we were in, and when i would pull out and she would close her legs her pussy would fart it was hard not to laugh but i smiled
  17. oh, the glorious queef :p

    Now that I think about it I really don't think I've heard a girlfriend fart around me lolol

    hahaha I love you chicken

  18. i hear ya... i fart when i need to i could care less where im at....

    and ESPECIALLY UNDER THE COVERS''.. but then again my lady farts under the covers sometimes.....she just started that shit,, i aint cool with it,, im the only one allowed to fart under the covers,,,:D
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    omg chicken you are too funny.
    Well I'm a girl and I'll tell you what I know.

    Girls are not supposed to fart. It's not attractive and no one would
    ever want to touch us. It's not proper, girls were never taught at
    a young age like boys, to "rip one off". Ladies just don't fart.
    We have made it very inappropriate. No one wants hairy, farting

    Such a double standard, I swear every time my bf farts I am less
    attracted to him. I am turned off, so I figure if I feel that way then
    boys would feel that way 10 times worse.

    So that's what I know about girls farting privately. Unless you can't
    help it. Like farting in his face while he's going down on you, granted
    I've never done that but I imagine it would be the biggest boner killer
    ever. Just how when my bf farts and kills my libido.

    I feel it's a dick thing to do to girls since we don't do it to you. In fact
    I make my bf leave the room if he farts and if he farts under the covers
    I'll straight up leave him alone that night, it makes him sad. Yes I do this
    but he never has those silent non smelly farts. They're always the ones
    that are hot and burn your nose and throat.
  20. My ex-girl used to fart under the sheets and push my head under. Not as funny when it's happening to you.

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