Why do Women Bitch?

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  1. Before I start this thread, this is no intention to bash the opposite sex but to dig deeper and get more understanding on how the female mind works and coordinates.

    The rest of the article is here: Why Do Women Bitch?
  2. Most of the females I've been with haven't "bitched" at me much. If they did, it was a semi-conscious test that they did not necessarily out of ill will.
  3. I never really bitch at my dudes. I'm not the type, I don't really like confrontation, plus I don't really care about most shit. But I do have friends who bitch. They're just the bitchy alpha female type. They do it for a few reasons..

    1. To see if they can get away with it. If the guy does what they want after they bitch they know they own him. From then on they bitch to get what they want.

    2. After they get the power in the relationship they become power hungry and want to have even more power over their guys. So they'll continue bitching about increasingly stupid shit. When guys don't say anything about how stupid it is they know they've gotten even more power.

    3. Once they have the power they can't seem to resist flexing it. Its like they need to remind the guy who's in control every once in a while. This one doesn't even seem like a conscious effort. They just can't stop themselves by this point.

    4. They just enjoy having power and bitching. One friend ALWAYS tries to argue with me. I don't like arguing, especially with friends so I just make her feel stupid "ok, whatever you say man." "You're right." She keeps trying to argue. "Dude, I agree 100 percent. *laughs* You're right." Then she just looks at me trying to figureo out how to argue with me while another friend changes the subject. (I know that sounds awful, lol. But I really don't get along with females like her. We've just been friends for so long, she came to the hospital at 4:30 in the morning with her mother right after I had my kid so we're pretty much family now and she can be chill.. she just has the urge to be bitchy sometimes lol)

    These are the reasons I see my friends bitch... the ones that are the bitchy type at least. My other friends and I aren't like that. Only some women bitch.
  4. Why do birds fly? Why do fat kids like cake?
  5. A thread to bitch about bitches bitching?:smoke:

  6. You are so fucking chill, I wish I could find more females like you and it sucks because that "fuck it" attitude is an rarity while most chicks you describe project that attitude.

    1. It seems that the Alpha Female wants to be controlling and demanding, uses manipulative tactics to get what they want and if they don't start whining with non stop yapping. I seen dudes encountered it but luckily that never happened to me cause I don't deal with those type of females even though they're attractive.

    2. They're trying to wear the pants in the relationship and act like the male and make the male her own "personal pet" or a "Yes man" but I don't know why guys even fall for women like this, if she's bringing negative vibes and if the relationship is toxic then drop that shit while it's hot!

    4. If the person tries to argue with me, I'll always try to end it or just plainly ignore them since they won't leave me alone. It's good that she's chill now but if she was just being plain annoying then I just change the friendship from "friends" to "acquaintance" but I see dudes bitch just as much as females, I used to bitch and complain then I took a puff, stopped giving a fuck, chilled out and realized meh, life ain't too bad.
  7. overall, its usually because men do stupid shit without realizing it, because we are stoned
  8. I wasn't always so chill. When I was younger I bitched, I never bitched a whole lot and I let a lot of shit go too. I still feel I bitched too much though. After going through a really fucked up relationship I changed a lot. Now I dont really give a fuck what they're doing as long as they dont cheat and are always straight up with me, as I will be with them we're cool. Its usually the really pretty ones that are really bitchy.

    1. Oh yeah, you got it right exactly. Especially with the manipulative tactics. One of the two friends I have that act like that acts like that pretty much 24/7. She's always mad about something too.. she always calls me like "he blah blah blah. Should I be mad?" and I'm just like "No, I dont think you should be mad. Honestly its not that big of a deal." Then she always discounts what I say with "Well you never get mad. You just dont give a fuck unless their fucking another bitch." And then she goes ahead and bitches her boyfriend out.

    My other friend doesnt bitch all the time.. just randomly when she wants him to do something, sometimes its just to flex her power. This one knows she's doing it though. She'll cry to make him feel bad and then act mad until he does what she wants. Then she calls me and laughs saying "I got this motherfucker (she might call say ni**a instead, which is funny since they're both mexican) on check." then proceeds to tell me the story. Everyonce in a while I have to yell at her and tell her to stop being a bitch to him. She knows I'm right so she actually does be nice for a while. She just needs someone to call her on it.

    2. That's pretty much it. They want their dudes to be at their beck and call. They want that shit on lock. I honestly don't know why guys stay with girls like that. Its gotten to the point where my other friends and I want to sit them down and be like "you guys gotta calm down". One of my friends dates a baseball player and this selfish girl (she knows she's selfish) starts arguments with him before his games sometimes. And if they have already been arguing she wont try to make up, she'll make it bigger. I really dont get that part. And it kind of frustrates me because I see a lot of guys with girls that act like that. And they're so nice to them. Then those same guys will bitch about it and say they want chill girls when they just keep going for the same bitchy types. Once they meet a chill girl they're mean to her though. So its a stupid cycle. Im assuming that the guys stay because the girls are pretty, the sex is good and they kind of like the alpha female type.

    4. Same here. I HATE arguing with bfs. It sucks and I really just dont like confrontation, especially if its pointless. I just like to chill out and laugh. I will argue with people I'm not dating if its something I have a strong opinion about. If its something stupid Im like whatever. But if its something that really bothers me I'll have to sya something. But I wont keep it going I say what I have to say and then as soon as we both make our point I'll drop it. That friend is pretty annoying, I must say. Especially since I'm the only one she likes to start arguments with. All of my friends know I dont like confrontation. If its something small that irritated me I wont say shit because I know I'll get over it, its not that serious. And I'm the smallest one in my group of friends so she feels like I'm the one to argue with. All my other friends will get an attitude really quick, so she wont bother them.

    guys do bitch a lot too. My ex used to bitch at me all the time. I couldn't do shit! Couldn't even have guy friends. He deleted all guys numbers out of my phone. Would get pissed if I wore shorts when he wasnt around. God Im glad dumped him. You're chill, thats good! A lot of guys arent. I've even had guy friends try to tell me shit before.. it was usually about me smoking every day. Or me telling them Id call them back because someone else was calling. Pointless bitching.
  9. Men have more testosterone, so they prefer fighting with fists. However GC, you know damn well when you know you can't throw punch you start bitching, likely at your girl or whoever. However men's bitching seems to only last a few minutes. Like 1-3 minutes. We say what we have to say and that is that. We don't repeat what we just said and take it over board.

    Women prefer to fight with words. Biologically they might be better with words anyway so it fits them perfectly. Us guys see women bitching differently. When women bitch at us, they want to get under our skin. Not only that but this bitching can last from anywhere to 5 minutes to 30 minutes. I commend all the men and women who can stay for those 30 minutes.

  10. Yeah that's pretty much me, I used to be an over-emotional bitch that just whined and complain then I learned to control and manage my emotions and use them when they actually need to be used in that exact situation. Life is rosy when you don't stress on the small things that don't matter. The pretty ones are bitchy because they know that they can use their beauty for power, hence "egostical" status because they know a lot of guys are going after them, they don't have to be entitled for nothing thinking they have no flaws or imperfections when it's actually their mindset that needs tuning.

    1. With this girl that bitches, do you ask her what's she mad about? Sometimes people want them to hear you out and solve the problems and issues they have, but it seems that she needs to give less of a care of these trivial things that just circulated to negative emotional behavior and if she's wondering why you're never mad it's because she's probably trying to adopt your "chill" attitude and be an happier individual.

    This girl that uses "crying" or sad related will play the "victim" card or go completely against logic to the point where the dude has to be "OK, I'm sorry and won't do it" but it's not the dude's fault, she needs to elevate and tone down her impulses, realize that it's not going to solve anything if she just keeps this attitude. Females like this need to increase their emotional intelligence and have an addition of critical thinking then they will realize the errors they've made when trying to find a solution. It's good you called her on it though.

    2. They need to use their head to realize that if the relationship isn't going nowhere or isn't the person not reconciling or willing to listen to what they have to say then it's best to break up and move on. It can be hard when people are on two different levels.

    This selfish girl? Sounds she needs to change her distorted style of thinking, she uses filtering which is turning something into make it into a bigger issue when it's not really a big deal. Those guys need to be pro activators instead of procrastinators complaining about it, they need to stand up for themselves instead of being the doormat of being stepped on. Crazy bitches might provide hot steaming sex but also bring a lot of baggage that a person can't handle, they need some Omega 3 haha.

    4. I don't like confrontation or conflict, but when something needs to be resolved I won't be a asshole about it but be more understanding and empathetic.

    This friend you have? Since you're small she thinks you're weak on the inside when the exact opposite, I guess she's just an passively narcissistic grunt that likes to argue for the sake of it aka "fucking with you" for her enjoyment as to cure her boredom. I'll just put her in the "Hi and Bye" category.

    Your ex sounds like an non-privacy aggressive psycho, may I ask how did you fall in love with him? And those guy friends don't sound like good company, if you chilled with me you wouldn't have to deal with petty bullshit such as worrying about validation, etc cause I'm low maintenance.
  11. Exactly. Except I didnt learn to control my emotions as much as I just learned which situations I cared enough about to waste energy on. Turns out the only thing really worth getting upset over is a guy not being honest with me and a guy being unfaithful. I do control my emotions A LOT better now though. I used to be a wreck! lol. They know they can get away with murder because they're pretty. And they're used to getting whatever they want because of their looks. It clearly goes to their head. What I dont get is how terrible their personalities can be. With some girls it seems as if they never fully developed who they were as a person because of their looks. They got by on that alone for so long they forgot that their personality DOES matter.

    1. Yeah, I always ask why she's mad. She tells me and then I explain to her why she's overreacting, but she doesn't even hear me. She's just always like "Well, I still dont like it." "And you never get mad, that's why you're saying its not that serious." I tell her again why its not that serious and that she really shouldn't trip off little shit. She usually ends with "well... I'm going to tell him something." Then she always goes and picks a fight. So, I'm pretty sure she isn't trying to be chill like me lol.

    This friend is in my opinion an all around better person than my other friend. She just likes to control her boyfriend and she found a way that works so she uses it. Its pretty ridiculous and I always just tell her she's fucked up. She laughs and then justifies it. She just learned that crying works. She does the same thing with her parents. I feel like she only does it because she knows she can get away with it. If everyone stopped doing it, she'd knock it off. I honestly dont even know why anyone believes her... she's not even convincing. haha. Her boyfriend does get tired of her shit and he'll call her on it and let her know whats up. If he did it more often she'd stop all the manipulative behavior... he just wont do it as much as he should.

    2. The guys wont break up with them because their pussy whipped and the girls are pretty. Its the same reason gurls usually stay with guys. They guys have broken them down to the point where they think its normal and they just wont leave. Those alpha females do the same thing to guys. Its so weird... I will never understand the need to control someone.

    You're spot on with that one. EVERYTHING is a big deal to her. She tried to get this guy beat up in highschool because he called her a snitch. We went to a charter school, its not as if we went to some school in the hood where being called a snitch could get you killed or something. And she did snitch on him, so he had every right to call her out. She got so pissed she actually called her boyfriend trying to get this guy beat up. I could name a bunch of other times she's made something small into something much bigger, but I think you get the point. I honestly dont think that anything can change how that girl thinks. Yeah, I do partially blame their guys because they never speak up. Nothing will change if they never say anything. Besides its not that hard to find chill chicks that are freaks... is it?

    4. That's pretty much how I handle things. When something bothers me to the point where I do bring it up I'm never bitchy. I just try to explain why I'm upset and ask them whats up with them.. why they do whatever it is.

    She's not passively narcissistic. Its pretty blatant. She just loves to argue and me being the one who likes to argue the least, plus my small size makes me a target. I think she thinks she can punk me, but I just really dont give a fuck about anything she says and I dont take her seriously, so she just ends up frustrated. This is the friend that overreacts about everything, the one who starts fights with her baseball playing boyfriend before his games. She's the one that always calls asking if she should be mad. We can call her M. She's the type of girl that calls other females "ratchet" all the time. I hate that word with a passion.

    I fell in love with him for a few reasons. First of all he acted really sweet in the beginning of our relationship. As time went and he knew I loved him he started letting the real him show. I was also really young and stupid. Lastly... I honestly never really found myself attractive, I had low self-esteem and didnt really know who I was. I didnt think I could get anyone else and he had already begun to break me down.. I was his little bitch and he knew it. Dealing with all that petty shit from my friends was lame. haha, if you lived in california we could chill. I'm very low maintenance as well.
  12. after reading your past couple posts ill just come out and say it.

    shestones, i have an e-crush on you. :)

    its kinda funny how all three of us (you, me, and shad) can relate on how silly we use to behave and how a lot of shit really doesn't make that big of a deal but people blow shit wayyy out of proportion.

    (im high right now... cant really contribute much to the conversation, mind is off in another area lol)

  13. Awwwww shucks. Lol. Well, I was waiting for one of us to say it. :hello: I don't think I've read one post of yours that I didn't agree with. The e-feelings are mutual lol.:p

    Yeah, ill be the first to admit I was a dumbass lol. If I hadn't grown so much in the last few years id be embarrassed of the old me. People do tend to blow things way out of proportion and make something that could have been solved simply into an actual fight. I legitimately believe that Timon and Pumba had it all figured out with "Hakuna Matata".

    Lmao, I always come here stoned type shit, erase it, re-type it erase it and then decide I'm too high to contribute haha.

  14. damn i'd give it to any time u wanted it. u deserve my dick.

  15. On Honesty? I think Honesty is the best policy and just telling the person how they feel instead of just blocking emotions all inside like a genie in a bottle. She may be pretty on the outside but a personality can turn one into a ugly duckling but I'm not trying to wife these girls I'm trying to fuck then duck lol.

    1. The problem is your giving her advice and she's not listening, just egging on to it. She may laugh about it but she can keep hide from her problems or she ended being in denial, she using the "5-yr old tamper tantrum" method trying to get what she wants and if she doesn't then prepare for "why you don't care for me" and other sad stories. She sounds like an conceited attention whore, everything's is all on her but she needs to focus more on her internal and just think of the direction of what her actions are doing.

    2. There's a difference between respecting your girl and just being pussy-whipped, the pussy-whipped ones are afraid to stand up for themselves and don't usually because of endless bitching which could be tiring, repetitive and annoying. I would like to see an alpha male vs alpha female relationship, it'll be interesting how the two would settle in the relationship, battle of the two sexes.

    This girl? She snitched and wants to start trouble (WTF is her problem?) This bitch is bad news, noisy and not inconsiderate of other people's privacy, she's a bullet that most people should dodge. Some people are afraid to change even if its to make them an overall better person in general.

    I haven't found any luck finding chill chicks that are freaks, there's this one girl I'm talking who's open about sex but personality wise she seems like an attention whore so I'm not really trying to wife her but become mutual fuck buddies cause I been pussy-less for a long time and I'm trying to end that long period.

    4. The girl called M? Doesn't sound like a comfortable person to hang out with, aka an social vampires that contributes negative energy which is what I don't fuck. She gets frustrated because in general nobody gives a fuck about her opinions, she just wants to yap, yap, yap and become the center of the conversation but ignoring her is probably the best solution to this. Ratchet? sounds like she likes to be the finger pointer and just laugh at other females to make her self superior to other females which shows she might have a hidden problem that she keeps inside.

    On your ex? Usually in the middle ground of the relationship, the person's true colors starts to show and everything doesn't always end in a happy ending but in a twisted worst "wish I could escape" type of nightmare and sounds like the guy was just cruel going by his tactics but I'm glad you realized that it wasn't going well with you and him.

    *Goes on Orbit.com and orders planet ticket to California* for-real I really should come to Cali and we should chill and you'll be amazed on how chill, laid-back and trill I am because I don't start bullshit because what's the fucking point of it? I won't lie, I got a E crush on you too.
  16. hold up tiger, we are doing this the old fashioned way when men were still raised to be gentleman and classy.
    we shall have a duel for the heart of this lady, choose your weapon! :D
  17. Because they can't be a man

  18. My weapon is my heart and my personality.
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    Honesty is always best imo. I'm always honest, so I expect the same in return. And I really never get mad, so there's no reason not to tell me the truth. Lol. I feel the same way about people. Just like if someone has an awsome personality they become more attractive.

    1. The friend that crys, L has a lot of emotional issues. Along with trust issues, he father's been cheating on mom for years. He always leaves and comes back and its fucked with her. She actually attempted suicide when she was 15.. she took a bunch of asprin and gave herself a stroke. I was the one to notice her body behaving strangely, its actually kind of a funny story... She's fine now, but she's just all fucked up inside. I know thats why she acts the way she does. She has more of an excuse than M. L is an attention whore though... the type that goes out and makes-out with other chicks, gets on stage for ass shaking competitions, dances with girls for the sole reason of attracting attention. Her boyfriend, actually her fiance now, just lets her do her thing. Oh and you're spot on with the conceited thing, for both of them honestly. She sounds awful, but honestly she's not, she just needs guidence. I love that girl, she's my bestfriend, but she definately needs to go see a therapist.

    2. Theses guys are definately pussy whipped. M just bitches so often whenever her dude finally says something it doesnt even really matter. She'll find some way to turn it on him and then bitch about something. L, doesnt bitch as much, but her dude is still pussy whipped. He'll actually say something to her though, put her in her place once in a while. She likes it. Thats another reason she starts fights... angry sex. I'd like to see that as well, I think it would be very interesting. Wonder who'd win those epic battles.

    So we're clear, M is the one who tried to get the dude beat up. I honestly dont know, I asked her the same thing. She takes things to another level. One time this girl was complementing her, M's family has money and she works so she always has new clothes, the best make-up, etc.. you know the type. The girl was asking her how she gets so many cute clothes and when M tried to tell our friends the story she somehow made the girl giving her a compliment into the girl being weird or rude or something. I had to interrupt her story numerous times to call her on the lies she just said. It was ridiculous. She's the only person that I talk to that acts like that, L is much more chill. If we hadn't been through so much I wouldnt be her friend. She's like fam, fam I only talk to once in a while lol.

    Really? I'm chill and clearly a freak if you've seen my posts in this section. And my two closest friends (actuall 1 is my blood cousin and the other is my cousin because we've been friends forever and she lived with me for a bit) are chill and freaks too. Not as bad as me, but big freaks too. Shit, fuck her then. One with a better personality will come around. I'm in the same boat as you though.. I've been sex-less for a while *sigh* :( ... technically I COULD have sex if I wanted, I'm just tired of guys only wanting me for sex. I mean damn, my personality is not that bad. I feel like its better than my looks, apparently not though :confused:

    4. Yeah, you've pretty much got her down. She's chill (chill for her) when its just our group and she's funny we're always laughing, but she does have some really negative qualities. She loves attention and seems like she cant help, but flirt with EVERY guy she talks to. I dont even think she notices it. As soon as she starts up with some bullshit I usually just ignore her. You're probably right, I dont know what the problem is though... she pisses me off, but at the end of the day we've been through too much, I love that girl, but sometimes I just cant stand her.

    He was definately cruel. Mean for no reason. I would never stick up for myself though. It got to the point where he'd tell me "You're weak." "You're never going to leave me." I was really stupid and it took me getting knocked up by that asshole for me to do something. It took me until my kid was 6 months old for me to finally be done with him. The dick was even mean to our daughter sometimes.

    lmao. I hate when people start shit for no reason. I hate when people are mean or rude for no reason... we'd probably get along very well. :D An E-crush on me too? I'm a hot commodity on the internets lol. The e-feelings are mutual :wave:

    I will admit I've been e-crushing on iweartshirts a bit longer

    Lmao. Gladiator style.. sexy! you could also do it MMA style:p hahaha no, I'm sure we could find some type non-violent way to figure this out. lol

    Aren't you a virgin? I recall giving you advice on how to get women before. Calm down.

    Both of you have awsome personalities :smoke:

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