Why do we really smoke

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  1. i smoke helllaa and i have this thinking in my head, i always ask my self why do i really smoke? idk if i have hit that high where u think alll smart and shit but i wanna know ur guy's opinion?
  2. "i smoke helllaaa"
    Helllaaa what?
  3. Weeddd. For the las couple of weeks. I've smoked Hindu afgan kush
  4. I smoke it for different reasons pretty much every time I smoke. There are recurrent themes, though.
  5. FYI, this is an English-only forum.
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    So your in the middle east?

  7. Actually, there are a lot of Americans, Canadians, Germans, etc. here too and it's even based in Holland. Sure there are some English folks, but they are no where near the majority.
  8. No I live in USA. But what do u guys feel when ur high
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    Ohk fucking smart ass. I didn't fucking ask u if u can tell me this is an English forum or not. I just simply asked how u feel when ur high
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    No. I'm in USA
  11. I think you guys are being a bunch of racist cracka's. lol You know goddamn good and well what this ***** is talking about. Quit act lilke he is using out of this world slang. Op, for your question... I smoke to get high. Simple I know... but that is the reason.
  12. No one commented on my comment... I was being a smart ass too.
  13. Because games, music, and friends are better after a few bowls.
  14. i smoke to make my dull life more interesting. i have no friends who come and visit and i live in a freakin trailer with my mom
  15. Most people smoke because altering your state of mind is enjoyable and cannabis is a safe way to do that.

    also people just like to smoke.
  16. He was using satire towards you when he asked that question.

    Probably because he thinks you have the stereotypical teenage attitude where you go around buying weed from a black market drug dealer, he tells you its (insert ridiculous strain name here). And you actually believe him. Then you go around saying something really annoying like "Yaaa niguh, I be smoking on dat (insert ridiculous strain name here)".

    When really you can never know the strain for sure unless 1) your buying from a medical dispensary. Or 2) you grew it yourself.
  17. why dont u just stop complaining and hit that shit

  18. Pretty much.. Life sucks sober too.
  19. I smoke when I'm happy; I smoke more when I'm depressed.
  20. I have a severe form of Ulcerative Colitis called Pancolitis. MMJ keeps it in check so I don't have to get any of my intestines/colon removed, and it works great!

    I do enjoy getting high but the medical benefits are why I toke up. Life was hell before cannabis yo

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