Why do we keep asking the same wrong question?

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    As most of you know Digg is doing an interview with Arnold Wednesday. The #2 question posted is...
    It is a horribly stupid question. He has already said what his stance is, all he has to say is "I am open to an honest discussion on the issue."

    But that had me thinking about the questions we do ask... The number one question is "Do you believe marijuana should be illegal?"

    That question allows people to recite untrue "learned" information or in the case of professionals like John Walters perpetuate and create new false information. Which we then have the up hill battle of fighting.

    I am a fan of semantics and context, a fan of language in general, I find it fascinating that I could make the same point while saying it 5 different ways, each of them invoking a difference response.

    So what question should we be asking? What way can we phrase our question to start a discussion that we are the guiding it instead of following behind trying to clean up the mess they leave?

    I feel that question could be improved a little but I like it. I picture asking it to John Walters and I figure his answer to be "If that were the case then I would not be opposed to it, but the research the government has done states (fill in your own lies). So there is no reason for Congress to review the issue."

    To which the our side would respond by holding up every government document we can find, mainly "The Report of the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse." Then hold them up 1 at a time and say "This report concludes cannabis should be decriminalized. This reports the gateway theory is the least likely conclusion to come to after examining the data. (That is really a World Health Organization conclusion though) ect, ect.

    Another thing that needs to be brought up in the same debate is that when marijuana was put under Schedule 1 it was a temporary classification until "The Report of the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse." was published with it's recommendations. Which as I just stated it recommended decriminalization.
  2. I suppose I should post the conclusion for anyone who hasn't previously read it.

  3. great point man
    i agree
  4. If you ask a question that leaves space for a 'half answer', that is what you will get. Like you said, it would be much better to ask a question that leaves no space for wriggling out of.
  5. Lawyers live by the saying "Don't ask a question you don't already know the answer to." Anyone in a debate should as well. Not only know the answer but know what your response to that answer will be.
  6. Just a reminder the Digg Dialogg is tomorrow.

  7. Well as expected Arnold said nothing of substance on the issue because the question allowed him not to. With that said this is really nothing more than a shameless bump because I think it's something more people need to read.
  8. I was thinking the exact same thing. Vague questions do nothing to help our cause!

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