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why do they put the opening in the front of boxers/briefs?

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. wtf is wrong with you people? i always use the opening to pee.. do you kids pull your pants all the way down or what?
  2. Yes! I just turned 30 and I found this one out only 4 years ago!!!! :eek:


    Pissing through the fly FTW!

  3. lol no, hold boxers and pants below my balls with one hand and aim my dick with the other hand.

    lol I can't believe this thread is actually happening.
  4. Yessir, this seems to be when I use it.

    Boxers have huge openings which aren't even a pain.... if they have no button its no problem getting your penis thru.

    Briefs are like a fucking puzzle, three layers and shit.
  5. i use it every time i pee standing up, its way easier then pulling the boxers down below your dick - thats what the hole's there for
  6. well i know cops use it because they don't ant to undo the huge belt just to pee.

    i think they do it to trap your cock in the zipper on accident one day.yikes
  7. Its because the person who invented the hole in the boxer was retarded and put it in front instead of the back
  8. I have one pair of briefs that I wear to concerts. I wear them because I usually have like five pre rolled joints and I baggy em and then I tinker with the layers for a bit and get em nice and comfy where the bag doesn't cause me any trouble and theres nothing but the usual looking bulge. No security check ever touches my fireman.

    When i wear a belt [almost always with jeans, I pee through the boxer flaps. Undo the belt, the button, the zipper and then pull my boxer's down takes 2 minutes. Undo the zipper and the button and fanagle my dick out of the hole saves me bout 20 seconds.
  9. like this guy said man its a cruel joke
  10. Its for people in business suits. Suits have a belt, couple shirts tucked in and pants pulled up to just the right waist line.

    Having that hole makes it simpler to not have to undo the entire suit.

    Or you can fuck a bitch through that hole if she is scared of your pubs touching her skin. The hole covers all the pubs except for the for the fat meaty member.

  11. IF ANYONE THINKS OF DOING THIS: Be sure to take out your sack too, seriously it kills it.
  12. one time i was with my girl hadnt shaved in a while so instead of pullin my pants down i just pulled my dick out through that hole and it worked pretty well.. and of course ventilation
  13. of course i piss through my fly. why would i want to endure the hassle of unbuckling my belt, unbuttoning, then unzipping my pants twenty times a day? i only wish the flap was on both sides, that way if you put your boxers on backwards you still have chance.
  14. yeah what's the point, your dick just falls out at some point (boxers)

  15. yeah even if your walking around the house the boxers dont give a shit.

    Thats why im slowly switching to briefs

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