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Why do some weed dealers judge their clients?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Yoda23467, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Ok so my friends cousin seems like a chill guy. He smokes, skates, plays games and sells weed. The other day we were all playing GTA and smoking blunts when his phone buzzes. So he texts the dude back and then weighs out an ounce. He then puts the ounce In a bowl and sprays the fuck out of It with lemon febreze before bagging It up.I then asked "What's that about dude" and he just shakes his head and says the dude who texted him is "Some spoiled rich kid and he can't be chiefing the same stuff as me and my homies struggling out here". I didn't say anything but fell that shit Is really fucked up. Why does It matter If someone Is this or that? Has anyone heard of stuff like this going down?
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  2. Just be glad you didnt get the same genes as your (friends) cousin.. also i dont mean to be that guy but that sounds like a felony.
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  3. It happens often. Only the person doing the drugging typically knows...That's why people dont brag online about doing it. Giving shit like that to people who aren't experienced with weed is a "good" way to make them think it's loud/dank/fire...If sometimes I guess they do that to people they think they aren't going to see again. They do it to get even and more.
    Don't get involved in or judge hood politics...I ain't saying it's right but that shit happens in real life...Just keep in mind that you just REALIZED UR FRIEND IS FUCKED...AND HE DID IT IN FRONT OF YOU FOR YOU TO SEE... Maybe u should take note of and reassess a few things homie...He is your smoking and gaming BUDDY AFTER ALL. But if I were him and I did that type of thing and your ass just pretend u cool with it I would know how much of a MAN you were...Or how sneaky...But it sounds like u a lamb hanging with wolves...Choose an animal and stick with it unless u tell the wolf...Hey Wolfie I just like wolf type shit...Can I still hang homie?

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  4. Shit I wonder why they just didn't poision Pacs bud Instead of gunning him down on the strip.
  5. Sounds like a guy who deserves to have his bong water switched with bleach when he isnt looking.
  6. I can't believe someone would do something like that. If anything it makes me hate the black market even more so. I'm grateful to be in California right now and got my medical card so I can get some untainted buds. But yeah, the black market is bull. They need to legalize weed already, they are taking ten years to get it done.
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  7. Omg homie...That shit is funny. Maybe they did and he couldn't take a hint...

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  8. Yeah that's one of the big reason s many wouldn't mind growing weed in the soil or on a backyard or even be like your fancy butt...I think they should simply LEGALIZE the plant...And while they are at it maybe the Mushrooms

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  9. I would definitely stop buying from this dude, what a fuckin scumbag
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  10. Big bro is always watching after his money. Nothing less.

  11. Your friends cousin needs to sort his life out if he's weighed out an oz why spray it? If I seen any of my friends spraying weed I'd beat the shit out of them.
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  12. Only thing I could see is that dude was selling some shwag trying to give it a better smell, or he really is that big of a peice of shit that he's intentionally posiening people.
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  13. Uhh wtf? If that kids gets sick and ends up in the hospital. Sounds like a start to a top news stories where the dealer and his two underaged friends get multiple years and multiple charges..

    Tonight on faux news : Three friends poison successful 4.0 student with "tainted pot" find out the charges they'll face.
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  14. That's messed up man...
  15. Online story times are the best. Can you imagine if this happened for real?
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  16. Lemon febreeze.. wouldn't that be poisonous.. I'm new to this type of shit

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  17. #17 Jax69, Aug 8, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2017
    Where does this guy live? I want to buy some weed from him. I will pull up in my nice ride and get out in a suit with a wad of hundred dollar bills and dare him to spray my weed! Needs his ass beat!

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  18. What if he's straight though?
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  19. Dude is wanting to mess someones life competely up. the kid is going to be smoking all types of chemicals.
  20. I know but he's a crip. He don't care. I'm prolly gonna find new homies. shits stupid man.

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