why do some ppl call metal pipes crack pipes?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Stoner Vision, May 5, 2011.

  1. Some ppl when they see metal pipes they call then crack pipes? Why? It's fucking insulting
  2. Because they are Ignorant and don't understand that pipes are used for smoking more than one thing. Im pretty sure all pipes could be considered tobacco pipes if we really wanted to get technical

    When "they" call it a crack pipe, pack up a bowl and take a nice big rip in silent dissagreement :smoking::bongin:
  3. damn straight! show those mutherfukas!
  4. Crack heads
  5. ferr reals man
  6. Crack.....where!?!

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  7. All pipes could also be consider crack/freebase pipes too, just sayin'
  8. they are cheap, crackheads are cheap so metal pipe = crack pipe
  9. Ive used them to smoke crack before so can be crack pipes. Get some nice glass and people won't say shit.
  10. haha. yes. this.
  11. Damn. I like the look of some metal pipes. I can see how the crazy colored-foiled metal pipes could be called that. My pipe, as well as those of my friend's all look like something you'd only smoke weed or tobacco out of and they are all metal...

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