Why do some people get hangovers and others do not?

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  1. Alright I have always wondered why some people get hangovers and others do not? I personally never get hungover from alcohol, even if i throw up 10 times in a night, the next day i am pretty much fine. Anyone know the reasoning behind this?? And no i do not drink any water before, during, or after drinking... Just alcohol. I am also small so its not my size(5'4 125 lbs), and i don't have much of a tolerance. Obviously this is a good thing, but i am just interested in why i don't get them.
  2. well i find that if i throw up the during the night im drinking, i dont get hungover in the morning... but if i dont throw up, im more likely to feel hungover in the morning.

    otherwise, maybe being hungover is correlated to your tolerance of alcohol, idk
  3. 1. Some people naturally have a hgiher tolerance for pain
    2. Higher body mass = can process more alcohol
    3. Perhaps they know enough to stay hydrated, because 99% of a hangover is dehydration
    4. Maybe they weren't sucking down drinks at the same rate you were.
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    I've never gotten a hangover either.....some people say I don't drink enough and that it'll happen eventually but they are wrong. I usually drink more than everyone else, get hammered out of my mind and then wake up fine while the others that didn't even drink as much as me wake up miserable with a hangover.

    And yeah I also drink water before going to sleep.
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  5. If I'm somewhere with access to free water (because I refuse to buy bottled shit), I usually drink a glass of water every few drinks.

    It's all about keeping hydrated.

    A couple glasses of water before you go to sleep, and another glass or two after you wake up will zap a hangover in under 1 hour.

    Ways to tell if you are dehydrated:

    1. Your urine is dark yellow and smells strong
    2. Reduced elasticity of your skin
    3. Eyes sunken in
    4. Very little/foamy spit
  6. yea hangovers are really hit or miss with me...

    but i always try to pound a gatorade before i go to sleep after a heavy night of drinking.
  7. For me I only get a hangover if I don't eat before I drink at all.

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