Why do so many people have problems with pit bulls?

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  1. Yeah, of course a lot of people would find ways around it or just ignore it completely, but I think it's a step in the right direction, ya know?

    What if people had to have a dog tag on their dogs collar that says they've gone through obedience training? Or else their dog gets taken away until they can prove it?
    Not like most places have the man-power to enforce it anyway, but still though... Cops who decide to stop and talk to some dude who looks suspicious and has a large breed dog can look and see if the dog has papers and the necessary training.
    Or maybe that's too intrusive for some people, I don't know...

    All I know is that I would like to find some kind of middle ground here that would at least somewhat satisfy both sides. Ideally something that would maybe not stop but at least curb the amount of thug wannabe assholes who get pits or rottweilers or any other large intimidating breed just because they're intimidating and train them to be intimidating and oftentimes dangerous.
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    I dont know, pits are misunderstood. I love pits. I created an official pitbull lover thread so everybody go to it & express your love for the bread.
  3. The people who have problens with pitbulls are the same types of people who flock to unjust leaders like obama and opress groups like the nazis.

    It displays a lack of critical thinkibg skills and a general tendency to opress

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  4. Go to these websites and get uplifted and feel great if you LOVE your APBT. So many people get hem because they got really short cocks and want to look macho. I get them to promote the breed in a positive light. I may have a short dick or not, but my tongue is LONG. APBT'scan be great dogs if treated like a family member and not encouraged to be rough and aggressive. I got my 1st one in 1982,when I was 21 and played rough with her and then I realized I was going to have a huge liability issue if I continued this encouraging this behavior. The APBT doesn't have to be trained to protect, they are naturals for a home security system. Treat them as a child, make them learn you are the alpha and you will have a wonderful dog. They do demand 110% of your attention when amongst other people or animals though. I hate the tard biscuits who say, "Wow, its never done that before." Always keep them  on a leash and never let them out in the neighborhood just to run and exercise. That is just Plain Jane Dumb. Sorry for the rant.
  5. Well said.

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