Why do so many people have problems with pit bulls?

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  1. They're even perfectly friendly with cats fucking love the breed, dogs always know that one of a kind loyalty

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  2. ^ An American Pit Bull Terrier may get along with cat's but, most likely if left alone it will kill it. All it takes is the cat to antagonize the dog and no one to break it up.

    They are a terrier breed and it is common and an acceptable trait to have a apbt with extremely high prey drive especially, towards small animals. That is why containment is the key to being a good owner.
    A bob cat got chased through my acreage the other day by my youngest apbt. The bobcat ran up the tree only to be chased up it by my dog (yes she climbed up a tree) then grabbed the bobcat by it's tail and through it 25 feet. The bob cat landed on its feet and ran off the property.
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    Right but the bobcat didnt play with your dog or sleep with it or live with it, dogs are smart enough to know who's family and who's not, theyre form of training should always involve love, since, as you said they have high prey drive, if you teach him to love he will obey and protect his family, my Pitt is home with the cat all day most days since everyone at home works full time and the children get home from school late also, they play, yes, but they stop and actually sleep together its kinda.crazy but, they're almost like siblings

    Ive had way too many dogs to know that pittbull's are truly capable of being sweethearts rather than killing machines, cant tell you how many great pittbull's ive seen as service dogs as well
  4. Pitbulls are responsible for more deaths than any other dog now there are always exceptions but a dogs breed will influence how aggressive it is
  5. Mine are service dogs, they also passed CGC. I am just saying the high prey drive can not be "loved" out of the breed. It's the truth... proper socialization can help ensure they get along. But, don't be surprised one day you come home to no cat. Go over to one of the legit pit bull forums and bring up the topic. There are lots of personal experiences that very experienced owners have had in their life, that you should possibly be aware of. I am not saying your dog will rip apart your cat. But, don't think cause they play nice now that one day it won't change.
    I know of apbt's that have been "best friends" with other dogs and then one day it just turned on. Now it can not play with other dogs. It is more common than you think. It doesn't matter how much you train, love and socialize the dog. Dog Aggression and a high prey drive is a trait that is bred for in the American Pit Bull Terrier.
    I do not leave any of my dogs out together when i am not home.. No one should especially with a bull breed of any kind. If a scuffle starts and we are not here, it will be a blood bath. They will not stop until it is over.

    But, every dog is an individual and there are so many factors to work into the situation.
  6. Bull shit.... I don't care what link you post. There is only ONE kind of "pit bull". That is the American Pit Bull Terrier. I bet in what ever your source is, it includes the generic "pit bull" the general uneducated public thinks off. A mix is not a "pit bull" it is a mutt or a mixed breed of unknown linage. You don't count a mix that somewhat looks like a lab as labs when they bite someone. Why do that with this breed? The general public has no idea what a "pit bull" really is.....
  7. I know a lot of people tend to go to one extreme or the other here, either pit bulls are the most vicious dogs in the world or the sweetest dogs in the world. Nature vs nurture.

    I tend to lean more toward the middle ground.

    I think there are some breeds that have a capacity to do more damage and possibly a higher inclination to do so. But nurture plays a huge part too.

    The fact is that there at lot of shitty people out there who want a pit bull because of the negative reputation, so they're obviously going to raise it in a way that lives up to that.

    Asshole wants pit bull because of violent reputation > raises pit bull to be violent > violent reputation continues > asshole wants pit bull because of violent reputation > continue...

    Banning pit bull or pit bull like breeds won't solve a thing, because those types of people will just move on to a different breed. Probably rotties, or maybe dobermans or german shepherds.

    Maybe instead of trying to solve the problem with a breed ban, we should consider something more like mandatory obedience training and maybe some kind of large breed dog insurance. :confused_2:
  8. I have long thought all dog owners should be required to do obedience training with their dogs,
  9. Agreed. They would find ways around it and continue to own these dogs regardless. Rotties, dobermans and german shepards all were targeted in the past. They definitely would move back to the next one in line.

    The thing is I can never see people following the mandatory obedience training. I wish it was possible but, there are so many shitty owners out there. There definitely should be a mandatory spay/neuter for dogs unless planning on being a show dog. (registered, papered etc, in this case adba) There needs to be some kind of control on the population of bull dog breeds. Whether staffys, apbt's, bullies, mutts whatever... there are too many.

    That is the route of the problem. All the back yard breeders and the people who support them. Don't get me wrong I have seen awesome dogs from byb's. But, that is the core of the problem. If people where only breeding stock that was proven and worthy of being bred, I think a lot of the problems would go away. Many people in low income neighborhoods where "pit bull" type dogs run "wild" and cause most of the problems are owned for a few reasons. Protection (but I don't think that's as big as many believe), fighting and money (breeding).

    You can look at any classified website to see "massive blue pits for sale" for thousands of dollars. These dogs are horrible specimens of the breed for a number of reasons including their not even the breed the general public thinks. These dogs make up for a large portion of the problems in the long run. Many end up being PTS or in shelters for ever. These are what the general public thinks when they hear "pit bull". I wish these dogs would not get lumped into the same breed as the american pit bull terrier.
  10. my dog is a Rottweiler mix pitbull and hes the BIGGEST chicken alive, hes my cats bitch xD
  11. It's not a bad dog, it's a bad owner.

    The issue is "thugs" and self described bad asses want pit bulls because they can be nasty dogs if made to be.
  12. ROFL that's about right here too haha ,
    and I had paperwork I "lost it", it was in her best intrest,
  13. Exactly. Yes the dog bites and yes he's a high predator, and so are cats, but making the dog train to attack everyone and everything is another story. Once a pitt attacks hes not gonna tickle hes gonna finish what he started. And this is where certain owners neglect to value the special kind of protection and loyalty this dog is capable of.
  14. The problem with pitbulls are the owners..

    Just yesterday I was out on the green belt in my complex playing ball with my dog. Out comes this young pitbull offleash with the owner trailing behind. The dog proceeds to bark in an aggressive manor while walking towards my dog who is also offleash. What does the owner do? Nothing but stand there and watch because she is a terrible dog owner. So I walk over to the dog, who is obviously not socialized, grab it by it's collar and drag it back to its owner. She is the problem with pitbulls..the dog isn't even a year old and is already developing bad habits. Sad. Dog seemed pretty cool too, despite it's aggressive disposition.
  15. ^ Your at fault too brotha. YOU didn't have your dog on leash. I am sorry but, a bull dog should not be off leash in public. When that dog walks over to your bull dog and your dog bites. Guess who's dog is getting pts? Yours.....
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    Lol wtf you talking about. First of all I don't have a Bull Dog, don't know where you pulled that from. I have a well behaved German Shepherd. Second of all dogs are allowed off leash in the green belt and my dog is great off leash, social not aggressive. I am a responsible owner, thanks though. :rolleyes:

    Edit: and also lol @ you thinking a Bull Dog can't be off leash if trained properly. I'm sorry but your whole post is ignorant.
  17. An american pit bull terrier is a bull dog. It is a term that has been around for over a hundred years. Dogmen refer to their "pit bulls" (as you call them) as BULL DOGS.

    It doesn't matter if you think your dog is socialized and trained.... You can think you have the best dog in the world. It doesn't matter.

    American Pit Bull Terriers (and most terriers in general) have a genetic deposition for being dog aggressive. Even if your dog is dog friendly now, doesn't mean it won't turn on and be DA. If that does happen it will be without warning. It is the same reason the American pit bull terriers should never be in a dog park. All it takes is another dog to start a scuffle and the american pit bull terrier to FINISH it. ...

    Guess who get's blamed? The american pit bull terrier. Yup even if your dog was just defending itself.
    A responsible owner should always have their dog on leash. I don't care if it is a ten lb wiener dog or a giant pit bull like mutt. Besides, it is the law in almost every place in our country... maybe not where you are but, that isn't an excuse to be a irresponsible owner.

    I am not even targeting your dog, but rather explaining how this could of went....

    Your dog is off leash. So is this other dog. The dog runs away from it's owner and comes to "play" with your off leashed dog. When the dog arrives to you and your dog, it runs around you and get's to your dog. They wrestle and before you know it your in a full blown fight. (if you have a "pit bull" type dog this is more common then you apparently think)
    Now your dog is in a fight, guess who is going to get blamed? You. Guess whos dog is going to get taken and probably PTS. Yours...

    Your dog will be the only one to suffer because of you not being a responsible owner.

    Do you own a break stick? If not then your truly not being a responsible owner.

    My post is not ignorant... You just dont like what I have to say. I have two apbt's. They play off leash.... On MY property. They go on hikes, rivers, beaches etc. But, they do not interact in public with another dog off leashed.

    If you think I am ignorant, you should pop over to pit bull chat or another forum filled with responsible pit bull type dog owners. They are very knowledgeable and informed. You should present your case and see what they have to say.... In the end your the ignorant one. Your like a fur mommy that thinks you can love genetics out of a dog. American Pit Bull terriers were bred to be DA. You think you can change hundreds of years of genetics? Just because your dog is friendly towards other dogs now, doesn't mean it will be forever. Many people have a dog turn on and become DA later in their life. It has zero to do with how they were raised.

    I have two small dogs and two American pit bull terriers. They get along GREAT right now. But, I am still fully aware one day that may change.
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    Dude I don't have a pitbull/bull dog/wtfever..and there are plenty of places all over that allow dogs off leash. And I was referring to English Bull Dogs.
  19. Ok, well you are in a thread about "pit bulls" and been posting a bunch. It is easy to believe you have a "pit bull" type dog.

    You may be referring to a english bull dog but, that is not what I meant. Bull dog has been used as an "umbrella" term for am bully, APBT, SBT, etc.
  20. they are banned in denmark also because of bad rep

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