Why do so many people have problems with pit bulls?

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  1. We need to rebrand common criminal street scum as something like "disenfranchised unknown origin mutt-humans" that way whenever anyone says theyre losing hope in humanity because of something bad someone did we can just go NOO THATS NOT THE BREED OF HUMANS THAT ARE DANGEROUS THATS THE "disenfranchised unknown origin mutts" breed.
  2. I was just mentioning since you decided to call it a
    "pit". There is no such thing as a pit. To save our breed we must educate first. Why not start with the difference between the bull breeds. Your dog is awesome though.

  3. The fucking Chwennies their mean as hell and in packs of 3 or more can ruin your day or even worse
  4. My cull is UKC PR bred
  5. I hate Dogs in general, not just pitbulls. Dogs are so annoying
  6. Not me i really like dogs, I hate people they bug the shit out of me
  7. Noooooooooooo i ammmm a doogggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. You hit the nail right on the head! People want this dog for the wrong reasons! If not for illegal fighting then for some kind of "status" symbol. Then when the poor dog starts to grow up the idiots realize they cant handle them and dump them! Then of course, there are the jerks who keep on breeding, and I dont just mean pit bulls but ALL breeds! The shelters are way too full period! Many of which are pure bred pups people decided they didnt want anymore because they were just too much trouble and it is "only" an animal!!! SHAME on them! Who is having a baby and they cant have a dog too? That is ridiculous! Dogs are family too. Who is moving and cant find a place that takes pets? Thats absurd! A family pet is part of the family. I wouldnt move if I couldnt bring my WHOLE family with me. Its not just a "when you feel like it" commitment, but a LIFETIME commitment like having children. Thats basically what they are, children that dont grow up and leave. You care for them when they are babies until they are elderly and you love them always! Sorry... had to get that out! :eek:
  9. I agree,
    I love my pets as I do my children, they were going to now allow my pets, so I went to my therapist and asked to get paperwork to have them listed as therapy cats, and the dog for my autistic son as his therapy dog, in training,

    sad thing is a lot of people don't realize that all it would take is a letter from a doctor to be able to legaly have their pet in any apartment/. house, and because of this the poorer familys who have to move for one reason or another may feel like they cannot take their pets,i wish more people knew laws around owning pets .... I know here where I live that is a big issue,
  10. and also I agree with you, I mean really my son has asburgers, and some other difficult to handle conditions, and he is ALOT OF WORK< its not like I can hand him back or drop him off somewhere, like ..."oh well time to get the next kid mabe this one will be better " sigh, its sad that people feel this way bout animals, and with the way things are we have available reasources to look into a breed, and select one that fits our lifestyle, ( wich is weird.. but hey it does make it easier to know what ur getting into) people spend more time looking and buying a car, than they do a lifelong family member, and that isn't right either,
    oh my stoned vent of this beautiful sunday... and fusteration is gone, and ........inhale.... and ohhh yeah today will be a great day everyone !

  11. This is sooo true! But I am not even talking about people that cannot afford to move someplace that "allows" pets. Some assholes can actually AFFORD to move to a place that DOES allow pets but they just dont see the need for it financially. They would rather just get rid of their dog! It is "easier" because its "just a dog" to them! Why even get a dog to begin with if its not going to be part of your family??? And the whole "baby" thing.... thats another sore spot with me. Getting preggo dont mean you have to give up the OTHER baby in your life!!! Some people are just ASSHOLES! Thats what pisses me off.

    But you are right about the rest of the people who just dont know the law. Time for them to do something positive to keep their family together!!!:wave:
  12. I was once in a rehab that also doubled as a pitbull farm.

    Some of the dogs were a little crazy but honestly I think it was due to environment and not having one dominant human/owner.
    Also, the place took in dogs from pitbull fights (or so they said, some still believe the dogs got the scars because the place was taking them to pits).

    Anyway, I made friends with one of the "worst" dogs they had (besides the one with stomach cancer they were keeping alive for breeding purposes) and it was one of the most playful animals they had, think it also enjoyed the companionship as they kept him away from all the other dogs.
  13. ^ what the fuck kind of rehab did you go to?

  14. All those dogs really need is some TLC by responsible people! Some people shouldnt own pits or other large breeds. Some people shouldnt own dogs or any other animals at all!
  15. Because the public now has a perception that their horrible and viscous dogs. But, their not. I would love to have one, but when I move into an apartment, I won't be able to keep one.
  16. I hear ya there, somehow my pit got "accidently" vetted as a boxer mix when I got her, hmm she sure is a cute "boxer" ;-)
  17. The biggest flaw I saw there was that the dogs had no pack leaders.
  18. Consider yourself lucky. Renting with a bull dog type dog is very difficult to impossible for most. I do not recommend these dogs until the owner is stable and has a permanent resident. That is how a large number of these dogs end up in shelters or PTS. Being a boxer mix probably makes your life much easier.

    Your vet did that because if the dog is not adba registered and papered it is not an american pit bull terrier.(in 99% of all cases). If you do not have legit papers (byb's hang papers, look on craigslist for example) with at least 4-5 generations, there is no way to determine the breed of dog and is considered a mutt by legitimate vet's. (not a bad term, just means mixed bred)

    Pretty much any legit vet would write X mix and most likely not a bull breed. It is done in the interest of the owners. People are so fast to label mutts as apbt's which is why the media and general public are so misinformed about the breed.
    Proper education about this breed is the only thing that will save us from BSL.
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    Pitbull's are very nice dogs! It just depends on how the owner treats and raises it. If the owner raises it to be aggressive and abuses it, its gonna be a mean mothafuckin dog. But, if you raise it like you would a golden retriever, then itll most likely be a very sweet dog
  20. Exactly, all pitbulls Ive owned are more loveable than these little mautisse bichon's running around acting cute but biting everything in sight!!!!!

    I understand people being scared, since Ive seen some fucked up pitt's and it's sad how vicious they are but thats on the owner, a pittbull, if trained to kill, is more powerful than an ak 47 with no safety.

    However, I have also seen sweethearts, fucking love this breed theyre a bunch of cuties I love em!

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