Why do so many people have problems with pit bulls?

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  1. Seriously! They get demonized by so many people, but I haven't met a mean one yet. Any opinions?
  2. People generally aren't very smart.
  3. because people dont know how to train them and their just plain stupid.
  4. Partly due to genetics, largely due to people letting their dogs walk all over them and not training them.
  5. I agree with everything stated above. Ignorance, lack of will to train the animals, and the media's portrayal of these dogs as naturally aggressive fighting machines all contribute to the disinformation spread about them. Some people shouldn't be allowed to own a dog.
  6. I don't have anything against a breed of dog. I do have a problem with some owners of pit bulls though.

    These dogs get a bad name because some people own them for the wrong reasons. Their almost like a fashion accessory to some extremely stupid people out there. They don't train them properly or at all, they neglect them and this leads to having a potentially dangerous animal under some idiots control or lack of.

    If you go into any dog shelter or their website you'll find pit bulls seem to outnumber any other breed of dog. It's because people make a decision to get a pit bull for the wrong reason, realise 'oh shit this dog is a lot of work' and they don't want it anymore.

    It's the dog owner's fault, not the dog:)
  7. Because..


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  8. I met like both kinds of pitbulls.

    the bad ones could never ruin how awesome the good ones are. They're like little furry babies full of energy and love!
  9. becuase of bad owners
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    Omg.my.captain dola. Is 7months. And sooooo full of energy and love lol
  11. Because all the wanna be thugs own them and don't look after them.

    I'm in the UK and they are now banned here because of all the dumb ass wanna be gangsters.
  12. I agree, it's the owner's fault in 99.9% of cases involving a vicious dog. The .1% would be illness / injury.

    Pitbulls need to have a job to do, they need a structured routine, they're very smart and easily trained in my experience. Pit's need someone who's not going to back down from them when challenged for Alpha as well, IMO.

    It's all about training and how they're treated, just like with any other dog breed. Any mistreated dog can be vicious, regardless of breed. Too many people don't want to be bothered with the commitment it takes to raise a healthy, well rounded, well behaved Pit.
  13. Its True,
  14. dogma and negative stigma. nobody does any research anymore about anything, and if someone tells you something enough, you'll believe it. i could convince, say, an idiot that the sky was actually purple and he'd believe me just like he believes pitbulls are dangerous.
  15. My husband and I have a pit right now and we have both owned them before and never had problems with them. Nor have I ever met a "bad" one.
    We own 2 dogs (including the pit) 2 cats and we have a 2 year old daughter and we have never had n e problems. People that don't like them or think they r mean are fuckin stupid. I have come across more chihuahuas that are mean and bite.

    I hate stupid people.
  16. Lol hence the pics I posted lol. How old is yours ? Mine is 6month

    " you don't have to go home but you can't stay here.. "
  17. They're trying to ban them in my city as well and we don't even have fuckin problems with them it's just all the buzz about pit bulls being bad, we've had maybe 2 pit bull attacks here and countless other dog attacks that go unmentioned but as soon as it's a pitbull everyone wants to ban them.

    I mean if it's such a problem then invent a program to teach people how to raise dogs, create jobs, fuck do something i'm not even a dog owner but the stupidity of it all is just incredible.
  18. He will be a year in July. Yours is pretty. I like white dogs. Ours is a blue nose and brindle. Looks awesome
  19. Ty. She had such a personality lol fits eright in with the kids

    " you don't have to go home but you can't stay here.. "
  20. they are the most vicious dogs ever

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