Why do so many dudes have manboobs

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    Walking down the street in my city i see like 4 out of 5 guys with manboobs....they walk awkwardly and try to hide it...10 years ago maybe 1 out of 5 had it, but now? its rediculous, why do so many guys have it now lol? :confused: even skinny dudes
  2. Cause america keeps getting fatter and fatter..
  3. Same reason men started to wear skinny jeans, earrings, make up-- they wanna be like girls
  4. What's considered a manboob?
  5. We all have man boobs some are just bigger than others. I'm flat chested and proud.
  6. I'm benching and showing gains. does that consider man boobies?
  7. [quote name='"zowie"']I'm benching and showing gains. does that consider man boobies?[/quote]

    Those are called pecs....Dur.
  8. u jelous of my pecs, bra?
  9. [quote name='"washedmothafuka"']

    Those are called pecs....Dur.[/quote]

    Lol sorry. Pec boobies**
  10. people are becoming fatter.

    And also I've heard that the steroids and hormones they put into dairy cows is messing up peoples hormones. Guys having more manboobs, kids going through puberty earlier, etc etc.
  11. Why you looking at man boobies?
  12. people are getting retardedly lazy especially in America.
  13. Moobies can be way disturbing. I get pissed when I see a dude with a pair of moobs larger than my BOOBS. :confused:

    I think it may have something to do with hormones that can be found in milk and pumped up animals that we consume.
  14. Fatness and there is probably an impact from hormones in water/food.
  15. i swear to fuck i saw a kid fatter than yesterday with titties bigger than most chicks and he had to be only like 9 or 10 y.o.

    i laughed that out for a good minute hahahaha
  16. I say we embrace it... Gender equality just got jiggly
  17. No one has man boobs where i live. It must be because america is so fat
  18. I hate how with all this knowledge and capability to live longer by eating the most healthy and best foods, we'd rather eat ourselves to death. Your health and future health really depends on what you eat.
  19. i watch my coworkers stuff their faces every single day with fatty ass bacon and other foods made with enough mayonnaise to bring down a horse. its sad as shit.
  20. You ever have a blt bro? Good as fuck.

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