Why do Snickers have Lactose in the Ingredients Twice??

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by stonerish, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. :confused:

    I don't like lactose...

    But I like Snickers.

    There is 2 Lactose in Snickers

    Therefore I dislike Snickers

    ~L \/ S / (L . L) // ~S
  2. Look out for the amount of whey powder in candy too. If you're lactose sensitive it will get you as badly as the lactose itself. Whey usually makes me want to sleep, and makes me irritable for about 4 hours. Weed counteracts most of the effects, but not the stomach symptoms.

  3. When an ingredient is listed twice, it can sometimes mean that the product was put together with say, a lactose for the nougat, and a chocolate was used for the coating that already contained lactose (they don't always manufacture everything in the same plant, they'll ship in the chocolate coating from elsewhere rather than making it locally from scratch).
    So they'll list it twice, because the ingredient had two different origins and both entered the finished recipe separately, if that makes sense.
  4. I always like when a food package says, "May contain....". Don't they even know what ingredients are in their own fucking products? :confused:
  5. They say that because they use the same equiptment to make different foods.

  6. Regarding cross contamination, sometimes labels will have notices like, for example, "This product is produced in a center that also has dairy and peanuts", "This product is processed on equipment that is also used to process wheat", etc.
  7. Yeah I believe its saying the same thing.

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