Why do pilots get all the credit?

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    This has always annoyed me. A pilot works in public transportation just like any other bus driver or train conductor. Yet, we treat the airline pilot with respect and forget about the other two - they're just doing their job.

    Flying an aircraft is a skill. But so is dodging taxis cutting you off at 60 mph and pedestrians jumping in front of you because "you'll stop for them."

    Why do we continue to put the pilot up on the pedestal?

    EDIT: People have taken this as the pilot's job is equally as hard as a bus driver's job. I know that's not the case. I'm just trying to get the point across that we take the bus driver for granted. His job is to service our convenience and we repay him by calling him names or saying he sucks at his work. People here have even called them retards.

    First of all, if you think driving a friggin' bus in the city is easy, then you don't live in a city.

    Secondly, why do so many people choose to not even acknowledge the bus driver's existence? His job is making your life more convenient.

    That's why I always thank the bus driver when he let's me off at his stop. So many time he's been caught off guard by it too.
  2. Because you know for a fact that you would trust a pilot to fly you in a plane and drive you in a taxi but theres no way in hell you can trust a taxi driver to fly you in a plane
  3. I didn't say put a cab driver in the cock pit. Albert Einstein was a genius but I'm sure he couldn't fly a plane either.

    All I'm saying is that both are modes of public transportation. If we treat the pilot we respect, why can't people at least thank the bus driver when he let's you off at your stop?
  4. Because taxi drivers aren't flying through the air at fucking 900kmh

  5. I'd rather be going 900kmh in open sky than 60mph zig-zagging through people.

    Have you been on a bus in a major city? That shit is tense.
  6. Because taxi/bus drivers suck at what they do. Pilots don't.(for the most part)
  7. all i got to say is...

    stay flyin man:smoke::hippie::cool:

  8. A pilot is considered bad if you crash on the way over. A bus driver is considered bad if he gets stuck in the morning commute and you're late for work by 5 minutes.

    There's a big margin there.

    Judging from this thread, it looks like I'm the only person who respects both.
  9. [quote name='"Badfish90"']

    A pilot is considered bad if you crash on the way over. A bus driver is considered bad if he gets stuck in the morning commute and you're late for work by 5 minutes.

    There's a big margin there.

    Judging from this thread, it looks like I'm the only person who respects both.[/quote]

    I don't consider taxi drivers/bus drivers bad for being late. I consider them bad because they drive like shit and almost kill people. Pilots can't afford to fly like shit. They need much more skill
  10. Airplanes are private transportation. Pilots are legit. Pilots get paid. They aren't on a shitty gov salary so they are actually kind people, at least in my experience.
  11. This is exactly my point. Think of how hard it is to maneuver a bus like this:

    On a street as narrow as this:


    That is usually as congested as this:


    With people and cars continuously cutting you off and jumping in front of you.

    I'd say that's also pretty difficult.

    Nobody is saying being a pilot isn't hard. But both jobs come with their own difficulty and aggravations. And they're both to SERVICE YOUR CONVENIENCE. Yet, people aren't polite to the lowly bus driver.

    We should pay bus drivers too. I seriously think we should tip the bus driver or train conductor like we would a taxi driver.

    But airlines are public transportation. Private jets are private transportation.
  12. Air travel is public transportation but it's not on the level of a cab driver, where driving is easy, one little mistake won't kill 300 people, and you're not suspended 30,000ft in the air.
  13. You cant pull over a plane if some thing goes wrong.
    More training for pilots, most people cant fly a plane and travel the country/world.
  14. The training, knowledge, and skill that a commercial pilot has compared to a fuggen taxi driver is like comparing a brain surgeon to some ying-yang gutting the bass he just caught. Sure, they both use cutting tools but that's where the comparison ends.

    Plus, a pilot is responsible for several hundred people's lives, unlike the retards driving taxis/buses.

  15. Like always, people are focused on the pilot. I'm not saying the levels of difficulty are equal.

    But we take the job of the driver for granted. Everyone just expects them to do their job perfectly and be in a pleasant mood.

    Pilots are isolated in the cockpit. Bus drivers often deal with homeless people pissing on the back seats.

    All I'm advocating is to try to be as thankful for the bus ride as you are the plane ride.
  16. I think the responsibility of lives is what makes them special.
  17. Ive thought the same thing lol trust me man. My sisters boyfriend is a pilot and whenever we have a family get together he is the center of conversation most of the time and its about his job. I respect pilots because there isn't a whole lot of room for error but I now a days they have so much technology helping them all they really do is take off/land and monitor the rest of the time.
  18. See my other posts. This isn't about saying what job is harder. But while we're on the topic, next time you're driving, I'll put a bunch of people in the back seat yelling at you because they got up late and now won't make it to work on time. Hell, I might even throw in some junkie smoking crack to add some ambience.

    And just when you're about to reach your boiling point, I'm gonna jump in front of your car trying to cross the street because I couldn't wait 2 minutes for the walk signal.

    Then we'll see who drives like a retard.
  19. Man I give those NYC bus drivers credit.

    these bad boys are crazy!


  20. That's what I'm talking about! Can you imagine driving that giant through city traffic? And people still call them retards.

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