why do people use blow torches?

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  1. I see people in vids using jet lighters or blow torches to light their bongs. I don't really understand why they are using them. Dosnt the torch burn up the weed faster n waste someone of it? I would like to know the pros n cons of using a blow torch or jet lighter.
  2. usually done for concentrates. A normal bic doesnt get hot enough, and just makes your oil run. You want to take the torch, and heat up either a glass rod ( or titanum) and drop it into the oil when its very fucking hot. A bic would take an hour, a torch takes 10 seconds. Some people heat up a peice of metal and then drop the oil onto the hot metal, and again a torch does that much faster.

    but i was able to get rid of the torch, and can now smoke my oil with a herb iron. SOO much more easy . glass rods break all the time.
  3. Not really a waste. If it's being burned it should create the same amount of smoke as it would lighting any other way.

    The con here is the disgusting added taste of butane.
  4. I've used torches, works great but I does burn off some weed.

    Use good judgement, you can hold torch further so it doesn't burn too much or so you don't taste too much gas.

    I use torch to light glass wand tho.

    Bernzomatic works best.

  5. I have the Bernzomatic and just recently upgraded to the vector torch and let me tell you, it's such an upgrade. The Bernzo is good cause it's only 25 bucks and you can get it anywhere but if you spend a little more I'd definitely skip the Bernzo and go straight to vector. Super hot flame heats my nails and glo wands in half the time..... Which makes a difference when you're lighting a torch in your house lol
  6. the butane is just heating up the nail there is no contact with the oil & the butane.
  7. I can see using a torch lighter if you're smoking outside in winter (butane turns into a liquid when it is below 0, if it's far below then the lighter just won't work).
  8. I used a torch once to heat the resin in my bowls. I had a martini bowl, and a mushroom bowl with a broken joint, so i attached the top of an old downstem to the joint. Hard to explain. But the next day i was tokin and my martini broke right between the joint and the bowl piece. I was pissed. And the glasss on the joint i was using to fix my other bowl was cracked. Fuck me sideways haha
  9. I never get this as well, just seemed like all cons for smoking weed compared to a normal pic, you have butane taste, burns it, idk, I just like being able to light my bic and then when I start to inhale the fire just knows where to go ;D
  10. IMO, torches have much less butane flavor than lighters as it is more effectively burned. I use a torch all the time for concentrates like said before, but using it to heat a glowwand is so nice for buds. But if you are trying to take a monster rip a torch on low will ignite the whole bowl in about a second letting you take a monster rip, you can also light bowls simply with the hot air coming off the torch no direct flame needed.
  11. Torches burn hot enough to burn off all of the butane, unlike bics. You can tell this by the color of the flame.

    Also bic uses nassstttyyyy contaminated butane and in a torch you can keep it clean and tasteless.

    It's nice to be able to light your bowl with hot air through keeping the torch at a distance as well.

  12. there is nothing lovelier than lighting some humbolt hempwick from a mini torch full of vector =]. Ill take it over herb-irons and glowwands any day
  13. I like to use a torch or even a tripple torch on regular bowls too because if you hold the flame horizontally and hover above the herb without touching, the jet style flame wont bend and suck into the bowl like a Bic does, it combusts in the same way as using a hakko. Takes a bit of practice but its not hard.
  14. Thanks everyone great info I will have to look into getting a wand.
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    lol @ the people who say they dont like them because the butane taste, the bics use butane too but burn it less efficiently actually leaving more butane taste. but as far as the pros and cons (if anyone will still read this)they are the following:
    allow you to take bigger hits by burning it faster.
    are windproof
    are discreet (less light if you are smoking at night and don't do the flint sound)
    and they look cooler.
    it makes smoke really hot if you are using a dry piece.
    the extreme temperature burns some of the thc resulting in loss of thc and getting less high.
    and you look a little more like a crackhead.
    i have used torched but only in bongs, and when i had extra weed.
  17. Completely wrong. Higher temps destroy thc, so a blowtorch would mean massive loss of efficiency. That's why vapes are ideal and more efficient.

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  18. To vaporize it's for concentrates

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  19. I've used torches too, works really great 

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