Why do people trim fan leaves that block buds from getting light?

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  1. does it make a difference? wouldnt bigger fan leaves catch more light for the bud, or do the leaves on the bud work specifically for the bud? thats all.

    thanks, just curious btw.
  2. Some people trim fan leaves to allow more light to get to lower buds. I personally think it's better to remove lower spindly bud sites and let the plant focus on the healthier top colas. It seems silly to me to sacrifice the health of the top of the plant to get better bottom buds that will never be that good anyway. The time I do think trimming is appropriate is when you have an extremely bushy plant that isn't getting enough light or airflow to the middle. Mold can devolop without proper air flow. But even then, bending and LST can usually solve that problem. I only like to trim badly damaged leaves, and the spindly bottom branches. I remove those at the beginning of the flowering stage, not in veg.
  3. dont trim fan leaves in veg
  4. Don't trim during flowering, it is fine in veg as long as u take no more than 1/3 of the plant.
  5. Looks like we have conflicting views. Anyone care to explain why or why not?
  6. When u trim leaves in veg u allow the less significant growth to get bigger and stronger by providing light to thar growth, the leaves will grow back. In flower u don't because those leaves are producing your buds, if u remove them the plant will shift its effort into leaf production and less into buds

  7. I am one that trims leafes in half at times to get more light to the lower buds on the plant. Works well for me.
  8. Do you trim the leaves off an apple tree because the apples are in the shade?

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    Good point.

    I'm really not in any position to provide advice. But I trimmed fan leaves in veg cycle and it basically stunted any further growth and bud sites. It's not natural and IMHO it's not necessary.
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    Scientifically ANY green part of the plant has chlorophyll and can take energy from the sun. However, the leaves are by far the most effective part of the plant when it comes to absorbing light. If you remove the leaves, your buds will continue to grow, but they won't be getting as much energy as they would have if you left the leaves. If you trim too many leaves during veg you can stunt your plants growth. If you remove too many leaves during flowering you will get smaller buds. There are times trimming is necessary to remove dead growth and allow for air flow. But trimming large healthy leaves to allow light to insignificant growth isn't wise.
    by Mel Frank and Ed Rosenthal
    Typed by Ben Dawson
    Revised 1992


    Probably the easiest way to deal with uneven growth is to cut back the taller plants to the average height. You may find this emotionally difficult, but pruning will not harm the plant. Cutting off the growing shoot forces the plant to develop its branches. Some growers cut back all of their plants when they are three to four weeks old. Any horizontal space is quickly filled with growing branches and the plants grow full and robust.

    The growing shoots are the most potent plant parts until the flowers appear. Generally, the potency increases with growth. By three months' age, most shoots will be high-quality smoke. You can cut shoots at any time; just don't overdo it. Give the plant a chance to grow and fill out to a good size. Severe pruning will slow growth. New growth may be distorted and abnormal, with a drop in potency.

    Each time you cat a growing shoot, whether it is the stem tip or a branch tip, two shoots being to grow from the nearest leaf axils. However, don't think that cutting all the growing shoots of a plant twenty times over the course of a season will yield a plant bearing over a million new shoots, or even that the plants will double their size if pruned. Pruning simply allows the plant to develop its branches earlier. The branches present more area to gather light and, hance, can grow to fill a larger space. However, the plant's size is basically determined by the seed's potential within the limitations of the environment.

    Cutting the growing shoots or removing some leaves does not harm the plants. Plants are well adapted to the loss of parts to predators, wind, etc., in the natural world. When leaves are damaged or lost, the plant plugs the wound. The leaf isn't replaced or repaired, but new leaves are continually being formed from the growing shoots. The stem, since it connects all parts of the plant, is more important to the plant as a whole. When the stem breaks or creases, it is capable of repair. You can help the plant repair its stem by splinting the wound or somehow propping the stem up straight. Stems take about four or five days to heal.

    When you cut the stem or leaves, you may see the plant's sap momentarily spurt before the wound is plugged. The sap contains primarily the products of photosynthesis, in the form of sucrose (table sugar). Smaller amounts of materials associated with the living organism such as minerals, amino acids, and enzymes are also present. In marijuana, the sap is usually colourless, although a bright red colour - it looks like blood - is not uncommon in later life. The red colour is due to haematin compounds and anthocyanin pigments that naturally build up in some varieties. The red colour may also indicate a nutrient deficiency, notably of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, or magnesium.
  12. This is good info, but cutting "shoots" or branches is totally different than removing individual leaves. When you trim a branch or top a plant, it simply refocuses it's energy, but when you remove leaves but leave the stem, you are taking the plants energy source (the leaves) and leaving the stem & budsites that still drain energy. Trimming branches, on the other hand, can be very beneficial for making plants bush out, taking clones, and maintaining height.

  13. I understand. Thanks.
  14. if you want the lower buds to get more light why don't you just super crop all of the branches about 5 weeks into flower, I do it and makes those smaller buds big.
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    lol what?

    Proper trimming during veg along with LST will allow sites to open up you need to be smart and careful where you trim.............

    It wont stunt your plant either, my god people treat these plants like they are so sensitive when they are not.

    And if you are worried about them going hermie.. use penetrator and feminizer.

    Been learning a lot lately, and in really a short period of time from an experienced partner and thus far all advice has been very helpful.

    I trim to guide direction of the plant along with LST. Also been cutting in flower without issue as well, again i think this may be down to me using penetrator and feminzier on all my plants????
  16. thanks for info guys, but yea, this dude on forum was asking for help and decided to trim some of the fan leaves to allow light to hit the bottom :| i was in disagreement cause why do that when you can just let the big leaf get food, ya know? :\ oh well though, but good good info. ty guys
  17. obviously not because the sun would scorch them :D it's nowhere near a good comparison
    the difference between removing a few fan leaves and not is probably an extra few days flowering at best.

    for some people given their space it becomes a necessity because of poor airflow the fan leaves start to sweat and have tears of water ontop of them which could lead to high moisture levels and bud rot.

    It's also good to have a big of airflow and space around the bottom stem of the plant because the light penetration won't reach them anyway and when they start turning colour it's because the plant is pulling all the stored nutrients from them.

    unless you need to remove them because of airflow reasons or cramped plants then let them live until they start to die on their own

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