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Why do people take greening out as a bad thing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Octus, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. I only greened out once and it was great.
    I smoked too much and I would be sitting there and pass out for like 2 seconds and wake up right before impact.
    It was a great day.
  2. i didn't know people thought of it as a bad thing..
  3. Because it's generally accompanied by feelings of fear, paranoia, nausea, and other unpleasant feelings one should not feel from smoking cannabis.

  4. Just saw a thread about it.
  5. I take it as a fake thing.
  6. Cool Stuff.

    *Also, 500 posts.
  7. greening out isn't just "getting really stupid high."

    It's that scary ass high you get when you have no tolerance and smoke more than you can handle. It's an uncontrollable freakout almost, while feeling like you're going to die because you have never ever felt a high like that before.

    The first time i got really high (4th time smoking) i greened out. I didn't have a choice, i freaked the fuck out for about an hour, unable to move or do anything other than stare at world of warcraft until i threw up all over the floor.

    Now that i have officially been smoking for over a year, I know that i got really high and probably would enjoy it 100% if it happened to me now.

    Stop being ignorant.
  8. You threw up on bud? Did you eat in excess also? Lmao...
  9. Why does throwing up from smoking weed sound so weird to you? Literally everyone i know has thrown up at some point or another; new or old tokers. I've maybe thrown up 3 times in a year. Either from reallly big hits where i coughed before i could exhale, or just the horrible taste from vaped weed.
  10. You didn't green out you just got really high. Greening out is what shoe said, you basically have a panic attack. this can be onset from cannabis because your blood pressure drops so low and you body reacts by pumping out adrenaline
  11. I dont think you greened out OP you just got blazed to a sleepy point. Greening out is when you throw up and you just feel like shit lol.
  12. Because the only time I greened I puked a huge amount?
  13. People throw up because the body is trying clean out your system.

    OP I don't think you've actually greened out, it sounds like you passed out.
  14. I've seen my fair share of upchucks and came pretty close myself. In my defense they put tobacco in their without me knowing and it was below quality so I can't imagine that helped. I think it usually happens because of people's tendency to swallow smoke (when they're not coughing their ass off of course). The heat and the smoke's tendency to "float" irritates the lining and it can cause nausea. I've seen too many people proud that their able to burp smoke -.-. It does not mean you took a really big hit! :mad:
  15. My sister will not smoke because the 2nd time she ever did she threw up and greened out hard. Granted this was like 12 years ago but she still refuses to even be around people smoking it. She came to visit me from DC earlier this year and out of respect I smoked in my bedroom so she wouldnt smell it (she was staying on the couch cause my husband and I just have a one bedroom apartment) and even just the small amount she smelled it definitely raised her anxiety of that experience. I wasn't there but I remember her telling me about it.

    She basically threw up a few times, thought she was dying, and spend a good hour crying because her heart was racing so bad she really thought she was going to die.

    (she doesn't care if others smoke it she just doesnt like being around it because the smell reminds her of that time)
  16. I think its frowned upon because it has alot of negative side effects that make mj unenjoyabel for most people. The casual drug user doesn't want such intense effects from a "harmless" plant ya know?
  17. I don't see how people do this. I've smoked hella dank on an empty stomach and have had nothing close to a bad experience
  18. When I greened I got way to high to function, took a bong rip, and swallowed all the smoke. I didn't puke from weed but greening definitely made me do it. This was when I was a new smoker and couldn't really handle a heavy high.
  19. I think it depends on the person really you know? Since everyones body is different at all. I also have never had a negative experience and have definitely gotten to some almost ridiculous blazed points but never to the point that it was a negative that I can remember.

    Actually about 16 years ago I smoked shit that I later found out was laced and that was pretty unpleasant, but I don't really remember details as to what exactly it was that made it so unpleasant. I just remember saying I'd never smoke again, then found out it was laced and just decided to be more careful (I was 13 and stupid)

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