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Why do people say weed smells like a skunk?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Metallic Junkie, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. If anyone has ever gotten sprayed, it's a whole new smell!

    Roadkill skunk smells totally different, and from a mile away it smells very close to skunk weed. ;)
  2. before i was a stoner,, weed smelt differently.. it did indeed smell liek skunk.. as i slowly started smoking more.. the smell of weed started to transform .. idk why.. it may be that i started to appreciate the smell? but then again it just literally smelt better when i was a stoner.. nd my ex stoner friend says the same.. when he was a fat stoner, weed smelt scrumptious!.. but when he got caught up and he didnt smoke for countless days.. he said he lost the value of the scent nd it smelt similar to skunk again
  3. [quote name='"Metallic Junkie"']I've never smelt a skunk... But everyone says skunks smell awful, and they compare weed to a skunk? But I love the smell of weed!! It smells delicious. It can't smell like a skunk... Or would I just like how skunks smell?

    Off topic: You can't really describe a smell without comparing it to something... Weird.[/quote]

    Because they're ignorant conformist assholes lol.
  4. get some skunk man... it smells like a skunk but good. since i started blazing whenever i smell dead skunk stench i always think my stash is stinking up the car. they really smell very similar
  5. Sorry if I came off as a jerk in my last comment. It's just mind boggling to me that one could never seen/smelt a skunk. They are found in every continental state.

  6. I have never seen or smelt a skunk.

    Los Angeles.
  7. type 'skunk' on google images :cool:
  8. Damn how do you not know what a skunk smells like they are everywhere even around cities, but anyway its a strong smell you ever live in a rural area you'll get use to it but some people can't stand it. I think it smells really good better than a farm especially a commercial farm now that's bad.

    The best way to describe it is the smell of someone else smoking goodweed nearby but stronger and a probably less sweet theres alot of skunky smelling strains out there.

  9. I've seen enough looney toons.
  10. How many times have u bought dank?lol
  11. skunks are everywhere around here to the point of them being pests. they dig up flower beds and turn the space under your sheds into their homes. we shoot at em with bb guns and slingshots. cant keep em away if you tried.

    and yes. every time i smell a skunk i first think of weed XD

  12. Well said Frankenfish :hello:.

    Welcome to the city :smoke:

  13. long time lurker, first time caller. happy to be here:bongin:
  14. some strains of weed smell extremely skunky, though nowadays its a lot more citrusy/fuely mixed with skunk, but back in the day when i first started smokin in late middle school early high school there was a lot of extremely skunky stuff coming from Washington that skunky smell was so sharp it almost stung ur nostrils, that was the shit that made your hands go numb, damn do i miss it, it was jus a completely diff high like there was something extra in there
  15. Skunk is a very sour smell. It's the kind of smell that you immediately curl your nose if you are near it (if you don't like it). Whenever I smell someone smoking outside, sometimes it smells like a skunk is out.

    Real life example:

    I was at a family reunion, and a group of a few adults went off into the woods (southern illinois is desolate lol) not too terribly far from the camp sites, smoked a few joints, and came back. My ex's aunt comes up to the fire, and starts telling people to smell their dogs to see if they got sprayed by a skunk. Of course the smell went away after about 5 minutes, but it was still pretty funny.

    I've never had Skunk weed before, so I can't tell you if they smell the same or not. If you want to smell skunk, just find some country roads and drive around either early in the morning or late at night, and I guarantee you, there will be a skunk. It never fails in my area >.>
  16. My housemate who doesn't smoke thinks weed smells of cats piss

  17. Cat piss kinda smells like skunk smell.
  18. [quote name='"adam1120"']How many times have u bought dank?lol[/quote]

    Smell doesn't mean it's good.
    I can't tell you how many times I've showed up with some dank shit, and then my friends will be like, "man this doesn't even smell good" (not even acknowledging that it's covered in trichomes) I actually like weed that smells piney more.

    Take jack frost for example. One of my favorite strains because of the strong sativa high. There's basically no hairs, and it smells like a Christmas tree. But it's covered in trichomes, so its still some dank shit.
  19. Hey,

    My dog used to come home with skunk spray on his face. I would gag. But these blueberry northern lights smell more to me like cat piss which I have heard is also good like skunk weed.

    Yeah baby I am happy happy happy to be picking off a few sticky nugs to celebrate. The upcoming due date isn't too far off and the smell is way more than anything I have ever grown before.

    I suppose if the buds smell this good then I did something right. Was it the VAM? Or ws it NoobwannaB's self watering? Could it be the aged comfrey syrup and excellent homemade compost from worms fed all kinds of goodies? Or is it the breed? Either way I am glad I have made lots of cuttings and don't need to plant another seed for a while.

    And I thought christmas trees smelled good... what is the source of the pissy/skunk smell anyway? Sulfur?
    Would a undernourished blueberry. Northern lights nug smell the same if it weren't grown just right (organic)? Do hydro growers get the same intoxicatingly skunky pissy smells just the same as organic?

    Happy Christmas Blades !
  20. The ignorant generalize all weed into a single category.  To them kush and skunk are just names for really good weed.

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