Why do people put disclaimers in signature.

Discussion in 'General' started by The Cannabis, May 28, 2009.

  1. I was just wondering why some people put disclaimers in their sigs.
    Do you actually think you could get in trouble or something, or just so no one can relate your GC account to you.
  2. some people who grow like to do it to cover their own asses. It's not guaranteed it will do anything, and it's not guaranteed that you can or cannot get busted for anything on this site, but you never know
  3. I always wondered why people did that myself
    & if the same people deleted their internet history all the time too
  4. security, but honestly you cant go to jail for posting on a site based in another country
  5. Same reason why you have to be 18 or older to join the site. Its to cover their ass in the event of something happening to them which is highly unlikely because GC is based in The Netherlands.
  6. If for any reason a state of federal prosecutor wanted to use your GrassCity account against you, the disclaimer would do absolutely no good for your case. It might actually hurt it because it's showing you consciously don't want to be held responsible for your statements.
  7. I have an ip changer for Firefox. Changes my proxy ip every 42 seconds. I did it when i was posting pictures of a local grow and just left it up. Idk why but i just felt it was better for the plants. So no disclaimer needed, It wont show up in my history and it looks like im posting form other computers in other locations. Even if i told you my name out my name and social security number they couldn't link it to me in court.
  8. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law.

    Unless there's no proof you're the one who said it

    Just don't use your full name...
  9. Like people have said, its for security.

    I personally dont see the point, because honestly, messages typed on an internet forum aren't enough to stick charges on anybody on their own.

    I mean what judge is gonna say "well you admitted on Grasscity you got uber baked with your buddies so we're gonna charge you with possession":p
  10. :hello: Funny shit. Im baked right now (I don't mean that*) and just picturing that had me rolling.
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  11. Sorry to bring up an old post, but honestly these things have been getting on my nerves lately.

    First off, I can't take a person seriously if they can't stand by what they've said. If you say something, say it and stand by it. Don't put that bullshit because then after you're post is read and that comes into view, it completely discredits whatever you said so why even post here?

    And for those who don't want it to be used in court, it can't be? Only if you tell you're P.O. or some federal agent what you're grasscity forum alias is, they will have no way to link you to it. This forum is based in the Netherlands, the admins are not going to hand over your personal information to the authorities in USA. Its just not gonna happen.

    ... Again, sorry for the rant but I just had to get it off my chest.
  12. It's just silly is what it is...

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