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why do people press down on there bowl's

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by chillywilly1, May 24, 2006.

  1. ok i've never asked why nor have i understood...but why is it that when people smoke out of a pipe they press the bud down w/lighter (after they hit it) i assumed that this would lose bud? kinda like smothering the weed?
  2. to press down the ashes, so they don't fly everywhere when you spark your lighter
  3. if i'm smoking a bowl by myself i do that to snuff it. that way i don't waste any smoke.
  4. I do it to see how many hits are left on the bowl and it doesnt scoob as much when you pack it down a little.
  5. :)
  6. to save smoke.
  7. to save smoke.. make the cherry burn more even...and so you can blow the ashes off the top
  8. also helps it to not kick through the pipe as soon, but mostly to suffocate the cherry so it dosent all burn away
  9. To get your fingure/lighter dirty, JK they^^^ covered it pretty well I do it to burn the bowl even and to make sure there is still a hit left, I have this one friend that always leaves the ass hit for the next person, dam I hate that. So I use that method to check the bowl as well. I also find it makes the rip harder when you pack it while you r pulling the hit up. JOE>
  10. I do it because yu can press the ashes off top and get some airflow to the bud on the bottom, you can blow the ash off if you want.
  11. to suffacate the cherry. proper when smoking with pieces.
  12. Aye like others have said, to push down the bud/res so its more condenced and to put out the smoke if its smoking (to kill embers if there are there too.)
  13. If only a small part of the bowl is lit I will press it down while im hitting it to make more of the bowl cherry so you only have to light it once.
  14. yup, ever noticed when you hit it the first couple of times the tree magically grows and shit, and alsoif you dont it will burn faster cuase it isnt packed as well, so more air flows through the bowl thus burning more weed
  15. never seen that before...
  16. i pack the bowl so you can continue smoking it...

    if all the weed is burning and getting sucked thru the pipe, there will often be residual buds sitting stuck to the sides and such, pack that down, and keep it smoking. especially when packing large bowls that can hold a few grams.
  17. To save as much smoke as possible. I aint paying for the air to get high. :)
  18. hehe, I have a thumb resistant to a sparked bowl as a result of that habit... I wonder how much pot it has saved me through the years..

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