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Why Do People Light Joints/Blunts Away From the Mouth?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TLF1088, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I always wondered that? Why not light it the same way as a cigarette? Maybe this is a stupid question?
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    So it doesn't have any runs. If it's a shitty joint or blunt, it can burn on one side when you inhale too hard, and catch ON FIIIIYYYA!!

    edit: Not a stupid question. :)

    xedit: Another reason is because the end is just paper. lol, who wants to inhale just paper?
  3. ive heard it makes it canoe, but some people do it? maybe just preference. ill do it away from my mouth if there is no wind around to make sure it starts burning evenly. but if there is too much wind and i need to hold it in my mouth, i will.
  4. I know alot of poeple do it because they think it looks cool.Personally i just light it like a ciggarette because it works better
  5. not stupid at all, if you don't know the answer, then it isn't stupid. you learned that in kindergarten. ;)
    most people light them away from the mouth for effect, mostly, but also because there's usually extra paper/wrap at the end that they'd rather not inhale smoke from. sometimes it takes a second to get the thing to smoke too, or if you have to circle the flame around the end of it. i more or less agree with you though, it's not usually necessary.
  6. You just need to know how to hit it right..
  7. exactly, just burning the little extra piece of the wrap.

  8. You tear the paper off and then put it in your mouth and light. You only light it away from your mouth when it doesnt get hot enough or you dont want to inhale tons of butane.
  9. I lit my mustache on fire once. That's why I do it that way.
  10. i say for regular sized joints you should light it like a cig. for fatties, blunts, etc. you should light it away from you slowly to initiate an even cherry. like a cigar.
  11. i either tear off the paper or torch it if i can
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    I only do this is with roaches... and i cant even remember the last time I lit up a roach.

    and occasionally with blunts. It's all part of the art of rolling. Just something you can see over time, and once you know, you can just tell if it needs to be done or not.
  13. I normally light it like a cig, take two hits to ensure its cherried, and if its not, THEN i might light it away from my mouth.
  14. i always light it away from my mouth, but i usualy smoke out of glass and then if im not using glass i smoke blunts, and thats the reason i light it away from my mouth is because its a blunt and it takes a min for it to get fully lit.
    if you hit it and its not fully lit it will canoe and eventualy capsize! hehe
  15. Yes, a very stupid fucking question.

    Ever heard of preference?
  16. Ever hear of not being a dick?

    Like everyone else said, usually to burn the paper and get an even light. I personally don't though, I like getting a hit as soon as I can to see how the whole j is gonna be and to taste my grape papers :)
  17. Because people don't know how to roll blunts properly and light them properly.

  18. precisely
  19. so to not inhale butane
  20. Well, i usually light it away from my mouth and i smell it closely to see if the bud is burning yet, and i do it to get it burning nice and even. But if my blunt is really tight and has no extra paper a the end i just light it like a cig.

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