Why do people laugh at creationists?

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by mels, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. theres nothing funny about a page not found

    im curious though!
  2. Just found that lol try again ;)
  3. Nice, I enjoyed that
  4. Thanks for that. Not only do we laugh, but there's also spit takes, double takes, jaw dropping, facepalms and much rolling of the eyeballs.
  5. haha!

    thanks for posting the videos
  6. I've seen some of this series, and the videos from the original poster.

    Hilarious stuff with some good fact!
  7. Haha watched up to video 12, funny stuff. Nice find
  8. something had to create all of this, one creationist dumbasses just stupidfies this fact. That fact is something science will never prove untrue, no matter how much a creationist dumbasses does to make that fact seem true with his own retardation.
  9. The Big Bang theory: "In the beginning there was nothing, then it exploded."

    People need to get off their high horses and realize that nobody is going to know what happens or how this all started until the day you die. Is it so hard to rationally accept that some people think there is a creator?

  10. There may or may not be a creator. But, people who create religions based on the idea that there is a creator, and that we should all live our lives according to their (the people's) "idea" should get off their high horse.
    I find the gulliblilty of their flocks frightening, actually.
    The truth is that we know little of where all existence is, where it comes from, or where it's going.
    So, I gotta laugh at those who create these human ideas of existence that are so mythological, so unbelieveable.
  11. Don't you see the irony is attempting to disprove a scientific fact by invoking a dogmatic conviction?
  12. I can't defend organized religion or the ideas and stories that spur them. I feel the need to stress that many people don't confine their "faith" in a higher power in the context of this or that book, though. There have been too many people throughout history, there is too much corruption in the world for me to believe that any text could contain the literal word of God, but there are a shitload of people that believe this within many religions. It's odd when many of them claim that if you do not believe in [insert god] then you will go to Hell for it.

    Which begs for the topic of Hell to be discussed. In my heart I feel that a place like Hell should exist, for all the people out there that are evil and have done atrocious things and never felt regret. But in my mind it doesn't make so much sense. When I think about it I consider how powerful a concept it is when used by the religious, and it seems to come off as just a farce invented to scare people into believing something. But then, if there is no Hell, what does that do to my picture of Heaven? Kinda fucks it up huh. :rolleyes:
  13. There is a difference between a theory and a fact, you should know this. The only irony I see is how convinced people are that they know anything.

  14. Are you less inclined to believe gravity because it is called a theory? It is Newton's theory of gravitation, not Newton's fact of gravitation.

    And there are explanations to what triggered the big bang. They're just unproven. But that doesn't mean that a god is any more likely to exist, although it's definitely not impossible.
  15. Ah come on, the big bang theory is much more theoretical than the "theory" of gravity is if you want to call it that. Gravity we can experience in our every day lives and very rarely, if ever, do we witness anything that contradicts our understanding of it. You're trying to compare something that is all around us at any given point to something that we estimate happened billions of years ago. You say there are explanations as to what caused the big bang but you're missing the point. Scientists and "great minds" can conjecture all they want about the origins of the big bang, and the origins of those origins, but nobody at the end of the day will be able to answer who or what marked the beginning of anything. It's futile.
  16. Yes okay we know the big bang theory is a THEORY that nobody can prove with 100% conviction but the fact of the matter is it is much more acceptable than creationism is. From a logical standpoint anyway.
  17. Yeah I'm just trying to even the playing field. Logic and faith can coexist. I would appeal to an Einstein quote, but you should look it up if you can't think of the words in this context.
  18. I really do feel that it is a mix of the two. Evolution makes perfect sense from a logical standpoint, but when you step back and observe the big picture, somewhere down the line there has to be creation on the larger scale. But that's just one (high) guy's opinion.

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