Why Do People In The Netherlands Smoke Less Marijuana Than In The United States?

Discussion in 'General' started by Wiet, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,
    As a long time reader, even though i haven't posted anything since my introduction, i'm here to ask you guys (and girls) for help. For a school essay i've been doing some research on cannabis and i've interviewed quite a lot of people. I'm trying to find out several thing, such as what type of cannabis they like to smoke, what is the preffered method of using it (vape, blunt, tea, edibles), how much money students use on cannabis and at what age they've started.
    There's just one question that i can't seem to find an answer to; how is it possible that the amount of marijuana users in the United States is a lot higher than in the Netherlands, even though cannabis is mostly illegal in the United States but nearly legal in the Netherlands. I would really like to hear your opinions on this, it would really help me out a lot!
    Thanks in advance to everyone willing to share their thoughts with me on this!
    PS: I didn't really know where to post this topic, so if it's in the wrong place i apologize in advance. 

  2. maybe its because its legal there, its just so readily available. 
  3. Because illegalization of drugs doesn't work.
  4. American youth are horrified of thier future. That's why they smoke it so much. In Amsterdam, they dont have to give a fuck. They know its always there and its legal.
  5. Because they are more mature and it's not a stupid taboo.

    And it does work. For the governent to waste money. We know they love that.
  6. Obviously the only difference between the two is that it is legal there, and easy to get.
    Have you heard of the forbidden fruit thing?
    It's that theory. Americans can't have it, and it's "wrong" for them to have it, so more people do.
    In the Netherlands, they can get as much as they want, so they probably get used to it.
  7. And we all know us Americans tend to over do things. Were raised in a society of do something as hard as you can 110% of the time 24/7
    Yeah, that was the same thing i was thinking. Whenever i go to a party i know there's going to be weed there and if there isn't we can always go buy some from the shop that's open 'till 1AM.
    I think that's true, just look at prohibition back in the days. Didn't stop people from drinking alcohol.
    Also in the Netherlands there has been a debate about the selling of cannabis, the government here wanted to have a system in which all cannabisusers have to ask for a so called 'weed-pass' from the government.
    So true, just look at the 'war on drugs' which has cost the US taxpayer more than 1 trillion Dollar so far..

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