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Why do people hate shake?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mystonedmind, Jan 23, 2014.

    I'm not saying I ever get ripped off anyways, but if I was ever offered shake, that's why I wouldn't accept it.
    It has nothing to do with paranoia, it is just not throwing your money away for something that could be a potential waste.

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    If you are buying from the guy all the time, chances are that the shake is from that batch... Shake is just the bottom of that sack. Pluck a bud, that dust that falls off... that's what gets you high. Shake is LOADED with that kief. Unless that shit is loaded with stones and bones (seeds and stems) it's a good buy. Especially for vaping. People pay extra to buy a grinder that separates the kief. Years ago before people really trimmed the buds good all the dried leaf was shake. Nowadays that ain't a problem....unless it has burlap fibers and the dudes name is Javier or some shit, lol.
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    Like I said, I don't purchase shake. I get what you're saying, but it just all boils down to personal opinion I suppose.
    Edit: That doesn't mean I won't smoke shake, I just won't buy it. Feel me?
  4. Who wants to buy a bag full of crumbs? I hate shake >_>
  5. I feel you....send that shit my way though. I pay way too much extra for straight kief for doping my
  6. People who have smoked enough to know what they are buying. If it came down to a migraine that made you look at a bullet as a cure or some shake as a all means, choose the cure. I'm not into a pain free existence, just an amount of pain that still let's me know I'm alive. Sometimes I forget people use this shit just because they are bored.
  7. I once bought an ounce of lemon haze which was ALL shake, it was a terrible smoke, I also paid full price.
    Last time I let a friend pick me an ounce up of his "bomb contact".
    Shake = over dry leaves and stems from bud that wasn't grown/cured/dried properly.
    No thanks jeff.
  8. Cause shake dries up alot faster, it's easier to mix with something and it usually tastes pretty horrible if yours to smoke. Maybe if you get a lot of bud and it's fresh the shake will still be fresh which is why I used to sepperate it an smoke that first. Most people just don't know much about weed though and some forget shake comes from the same plant, however shake is a problem for stoners like me that like to taste their bud. Well cured and dried bud tastes and smokes differently so even if they are nugs and look/smell perfectly fine I'm getting into the habbit of taking a bong hit before buying the bud, if it looks like good stuff and I hit it and it's harsh I'll notice and I'll tell the guy. That's how shake is always pretty much unless it's very fresh and even then it wont last very long like that.
  9. Also who told you guys that shake collects extra keif? Shake is drier which means the crystals fall off easier than some sticky nugs
    Also even if you're not stupid enough to still keep your weed in a plastic bag most dealers do keep it in bags and they sure as hell will sell it to you in a bag because they're not buying glass jars for each sale. The static caused by the bag attracts the crystals to it which is why u see a clear bag turn cloudy after a few days with weed in it, the shake is usually at the bottom of the bag so while the keif that falls from the nugs would land on the shake it will fall off just as easily in addition to the thc that it's already losing from being too dry, and being the part that touches the most of the bag lol cmon sometimes it gets stuck in the corner of the bag that has to show u how much that bud is interacting with the plastic.

    And in case u all forgot most.of the thc is inside the bud not the visible crystals on the outside which is what falls off of the buds, the shake is basically all outside surface so the thc it's losing is the only thc it has. Next time u have actual bud take a look at the shake carefully and ull see that it has barely any crystals on it and if u just move the shake or it brushes on something it falls off. A nug can lose all the crystals on the outside and still get u high as hell cause when u break open that nug the inside is also filled with thc.
  10. I hate shake. It's dry as shit so it's a harsh smoke, and when dealers try to sell it, they don't even tell you about it, it just happens to be there, and yea as the others say, it's unreliable and it's fucked up of a dealer to give you their leftovers because they don't want to smoke it themselves
  11. simple, cause its not always good as the bud it fell off depending on how long its been shake and how strong the herb was
  12. you can also buy it for 1-2 dollars a gram and sell gram joints for 5 dolalrsl ol
  13. Swim hates shake because he can't move shake....Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  14. people who don't hate shake make good edibles
  15. shake looks generally the same as ground up bud, so for anyone to say they wouldnt smoke it is an idiot. especially if you pass up free shake and it makes for some nice milky bong rips

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