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Why Do People Hate On Shake?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by van richten, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. I never understood why people never buy shake/hate on it. My dealer always has weight and that of course means he will accumulate a good amount of shake. I guess no one likes to buy it from him because he usually ends up asking me to buy like an 8th of it for around 40$ whereas an 8th in the same nug in full bud form he sells 50-60$. 
    So what's the problem with it anyway. My logic is that shake actually has a higher trichome concentration and I'm like 90% sure. I usually buy an ounce at a time and store it in a jar. Once I have only shake left in the jar, I tap the jar with my hand to group all the shake up on one side of the bottom of the jar and on the other side there's always a mound of kief stuck to the bottom.
    Some my hate shake because it has too many stems / seeds. Well, #1 if it's dank it shouldn't have like any seeds hardly and as far as the stems go, just use your own judgement. When you really think about it, are there more stems in shake than you would have going through the full buds? If you hate shake because of too many stems, you're just an idiot for buying it in the first place. Always sift through the bag before buying it, because if your dealers an honest guy he'll let you and if not well that's just sketchy.
    I was smoking with my friend last night and when it came time to smoke i got my bag of shake out and he's like oh..shake I don't like shake. So I said K. Packed a fat bowl and he changed his mind real quick. :bongin:  :hippie: So please can we stop hatting on shake?! 

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    shake =make hash, nug=smoke, and its normaly not as tasty + burns quicker 
  3. Yeah you could make hash I guess but you'll need a good amount. And how is it not as tasty if its the same buds just in crushed up form. I doubt it really burns that much quicker.
  4. u could make a fair amount of hash with about 7gs.
  5. I don't hate shake. I buy it too. But some dispensaries sell dried crunchy fan leaves for $25 and 8th and i'll hate on that. I am buying an oz of bud shake for $100 next week. That over 50 joints. Not bad.
  6. If you like smoking ground up leaves, sure. I like smoking flowers.
  7. Where is all this hate coming from? Seems like a matter of opinion. If someone didn't like it and wouldn't smoke with you then good for you.  You are getting really ripped off at buying it for 40$ an 8th. It is usually just given away around here.
  8. yeahh damn I'm geting really ripped off wow. Once your stash is low and ur left with shake just give it a way it's not like it will get you just as high or anything. *rolls eyes* *sarcasm*
  9. I have had dealers that sold "shake" that was basically just leaves and stems. This is bullshit.
    When my current guy has shake it is bud that got crushed a bit and fell to the bottom. I have no issue with this.
  10. buds are better :smoke:
     IMO If you are buying shake it should be at a discount. 
    Shake is great if you are making hash, cannabutter, etc. There are advantages to getting shake if it suits your needs.
  11. damn ... 40 a hq for fucking shake.. I feel sorry for where your at.
    but still 40 hq shake is pretty pricy , I remember 3 years ago you could by a bag of shake a recycle bag full from dealers that had growers over them , for just 100-200$ . shake here has like no value , so its basically dirt cheap. shit all my friends that end up buying big bags throw out like the 2g thats left in it at the end when theyre done cause its ''shake''  .
    Im pretty sure if you found someone that grows or a dealer thats close to a grower , you can get some shake at like 50$ an oz , thats prob what it would be in my city today. but weed is starting to become so much more expensive , that were starting to have less and less hash sellers , a hq of hash is like 50 for me , and some ppl are selling bud at 45 a hq , economy is fucked up for hash here thats for sure.
  12. $40 for an 8th is a little steep, it normally goes for $20 to $25 for an 8th of shake. But I do agree shake is awesome and many people overlook it.
  13. Yes.  And Yes. No sarcasm.
  14. shake is always dry. burns fast. doesnt taste as good as the nug.  i dont buy shake unless it's really really discounted. i dont really care for it
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    The definition of shake seems to change depending on who you ask. Some people say shake is trimmings/stem, some people say shake is the stuff at the bottom of the bag that falls off nugs, similar to ground bud. That could explain some of the hate, as a person may be confused as to why you would want to buy stems and shitty leaves.
    Shake is also easier to lace/mix with other, less desirable blends. 
  16. I'm pretty sure that trichromes are more apt to falling off the bud when in shake-form, thus rendering less potent bud. In other words, buds keep help to keep the inner trichromes intact. Anyone else high right now? I am very stoned.
  17. Ouch... I get shake for about 200 a pound.
    Feel sorry for you my dude
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    :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin:
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    Shake is more often than not, dried up and consists mainly of leaves and pistols, not so much buds. I can say from plenty of personal experience that when I fill up a jar of buds, the bottom always is almost just bits of sugar leaf that got knocked off the buds. The sugar leaves get brittle and dry out faster than the flowers so they break off quickly.
    Another issue that shake pops up, is you can never really do a quality check. If you look at the buds, you can see for yourself how decent the weed is, but with shake, you have a far more difficult time judging the quality before smoking it.
  20. I guess it all depends on the quality of shake and how you define it really. Ive had shake that was mostly leaves with just a few small bud particles that I paid almost nothing for, and I have had shake that was mostly tiny buds that I just got a decent discount on the bag compared to what I would of paid for the same stuff in solid bud form.

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