Why Do People Go To Applebees, Ruby Tuesdays, Olive Garden..etc.?

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  1. I am guilty of going to all of these places, but lately I've been thinking--If'you're going to be spending that kind of money on food, just buy better food at a grocery/specialty store and make it at home. 
    Olive Garden is a huge phucking joke of Italian restaurants.  They cater to the our perception of Italian cuisine.  They don't use Parmigiano Reggiano, and that is an immediate 'Go phuck yourself, Olive Garden.'  I think those that have tasted Parmigiano Reggiano know what I'm talking about.
    Beer and wine is insanely expensive, and they usually serve cheap wine.  They also serve low-quality beer, especially for the price. 
    Similar non-franchise restaurants are almost always better.

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    But really...pretty sure the difference is purely in advertising/brand recognition. 
  3. Alot of times it comes into your head "I don't feel like making anything" which is why people go out to eat
  4. it's the experience of being served and not having to do shit except eat.
  5. That's like buying all the shit to make a sub...still won't taste like your favorite sub shop...
    Boiling a pot of water for noodles..then you have to bread the chicken cutlets..then fry them...then do dishes afterwards...sometimes you don't feel like doing all of that..just for some chicken parm at home.
  6. It's obvious why people go out to eat, in general. I think that OP's last sentence points to a more interesting question though. Why do so many people go to shitty chain restaurants when, in most cities, you can find better fare for better prices at non-chains (or even smaller chains?)
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    Expansion means more money less care in business
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  8. Right....but the question isn't why they are so shitty, but rather why people continue to frequent them despite the shittiness. 
  9. they go cuz they probably dnt have different options
    not everywhere has delicious taquerias, real Italian resturaunts, and a wide variety of other foods from other cultures around every block 
    like we in SF do...
    so they gotta settle :( 
  10. Either a) they haven't experienced better cuisine, or have easier aaccess to chain restaurants which have many locations, or b) they actually enjoy eating there and prefer it over other restaurants.
  11. I have a specific beef with Applebees and if you go to one and enjoy it then please don't talk to me.

    My thoughts on Applebees;

    If you want fast cheap food, there is faster and cheaper.
    If you want good food, why the fuck are you at Applebees?

    I don't understand that place. They charge like a restaurant but have food worse than McDonalds, I mean you could say they have a bar, but so does Chili's and they make better food(still not good by any stretch of the imagination but better) for the same price or less. Like, if you're gonna spend 14.99 why not go someplace with decent food? If you're just looking for something fast why not go someplace cheaper? I just don't understand why that place exists............

    Never eat at Applebees.
  12. I haven't been to one sit down restaurant since me and my ex split. Buy before that it was once a week to a local diner/Mexican joint and once a week or at least every other week we would go to olive garden or a fancier place. Think that right there is kinda your answer.

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  13. Ya the only chain places i went to is olive garden or Chile's. I can cook way better food than applebees. There meat is shit quality which pisses me off

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    Most people consider eating out to be a special event, and they don't necessarily want to go through the effort of cooking and cleaning. I do agree however that most of the aforementioned large chains are incredibly shitty, and that much better (and cheaper), authentic food can be found at small, family restaurants. 
    That being said, the one chain that I do like is Chili's because of the ribs and burgers. Haven't been there in over a year, though.
  15. Because with the number of preservatives, artificial flavorings and sweeteners, funky chemicals and just plain shit that shouldn't be ingested that people eat nowadays even shit tastes like gold to them.
    Most of those restaurants you listed make very few things from fresh ingredients, Applebees especially. Most of it comes frozen in plastic bags which are then just thrown into vats of hot water to heat and serve. In the case of cold stuff, it's just thawed and served.
  16. Applebee's and Olive Garden are wack, I agree with you. I actually like Ruby Tuesdays though, me and my girl just went there a week or so ago. Thankfully, being from Minneapolis means there's plenty of cheap, delicious food all available within a few blocks of each other.
    consistent quality
    I've been to a lot of restaurants and not all independent places and hole in the walls are good, some are just terrible with terrible service.
  18. To eat....lol

    Some people don't have to watch every dime they spend..and the food is pretty good normally.
  19. Good point. 

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