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Why do people get so pissed off at cops..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, May 5, 2004.

  1. They are doing their jobs just like the rest of us..

    The people who get caught cry and bitch when they know that smoking MJ is illegal..

    If you are going to smoke, make sure you don't get caught.. It's not the cops fault that you were irresponsible..

    If a thief gets caught.......he shouldn't have been stealing.. He is still doing wrong according to the laws.. Same with MJ..

    I know MJ should be legal.. If it was, there would still be restrictions and there would still be alot of people being caught for violating the restrictions just like with alcohol!

    Be responsible and it won't matter if MJ is legal or not.. If you get caught, don't cry and bitch.. Except the responsibility for your actions..

    There will always be those people who abuse their powers.. It's our job as smokers to not give them a reason to abuse them..

    With all that said, Toke on and be smart..
  2. Thieves are the scum of the earth with no respect for others' property. And to quote Martin Luther Kind Junior, "It is our civil duty to disobey unjust laws."
  3. im sure im going to get smashed and bashed...but i dont have a problem with the police,.....not at all. "just doing our job ma'am" somtimes better than others but its they're job and when we need them its good to see those lights.
  4. We do need them. I don't deny that, but their prioties need to be restructured.
  5. I just don't like the ones that lie to me. Like the cops that pulled us over in February. They told us we'd only get a paraphernalia charge, and then they tacked on posession and criminal conspiracy.

    Those jerks.

    But I do know some nice cops.
  6. I don't have a problem with them, but I agree with the person who said that they need to get their priorities in order.
  7. Police are the same as the theory of sounds right and good, but it can be abused way to easily.....most humans cant keep control of the power their given if they were a cop.....but then there is good cops......

    u just gotta understand that theres a Yin and Yang to ay'thing.....
  8. ya most cops are just doing their job ...a few are real dicks

    but i agree dont bitch to them ..mj is illegal go bitch to your senator or congressmen ...cops cant do shit about it.
  9. There was a big scuffle today cause of Cinco de Mayo. A whole bunch of people were chanting and getting roudy and a shit load of cops showed up. Like 15 squad cars and 6 cycles. It was insane and they were all hassling bitching at all the mexicans and being all cool to the white guys around. Im white but it was bullshit, and so fucking obvious. I try to like cops for their original intent.. but i see so much power abuse. and racism and shit like that

    on a side note i just picked up a fourth ounce..

  10. u think thats bad???

    my homie got caught buying a dub sack from some white guy, and they put my homie behind bars for 4 DAYS!!!

    but guess wut happend to the white guy??? he just got a warnin and the cop let him walk....i guess whitey told him the guy forced him to sell or some bullshit like that......
  11. Ya'll didn't get caught at home or on your own property.. You got caught in public..

    If your going to smoke do it at home or in a private place..

    If a cop comes to my house for any reason other than being called, they can't do shit to me, unless I am dealing. They are on private property and can't even arrest me unless they were called..

    Now in public places, they can arrest any one..

    It was said above. Cops aren't the problem.. The government is.. Be pissed at the president, congressmen, and senators..
  12. I agree that people shouldn't hate the cop for the laws made. His job is to catch people not following the laws...I very rarely will smoke in my car anymore... if I do, it's not more than a couple joints between a few people, which can easily be consumed.. I'm sure it's rare to get caught in your own house.

    question though, if a cop smelt weed while he was at the door, does that give him reason to enter the house, or obtain a search warrant based on smell alone?

  13. l was at home minding my own business when busted ?? twice :D

    l still don,t hate the police but l,am getting real pissed at them for coming back .

  14. Not unless he was called for some reason.. he could get a warrant for suspecting MJ use, but you would know he/she was coming back and do the necessary things...

    Yea critter I know what you are saying.. I still say some one turned you in..
  15. I dislike many police. Especially those police in the suburban areas. The cops that work their dont really have any real crime to stop or any serious crimes to prevent or solve. Instead, they go as far out of their way as it takes to arrest and charge people for misdemeanor offenses.

    For example, their was an actual murder near where I am, the suspect was on foot running through the streets. Yet the many many squad cars and helicopters couldnt find him (and still havent). When it comes to real police work, you will find many cops lacking, as they are only experienced in writing tickets and confiscating things.

    I can't speak for all police, but I have no respect for the ones in my area.

    And to be honest, I disagree with the "just doing their job" line. Could any of you allow yourselves to bust, arrest, and harass peaceful people for being in possession of herb? Im sorry, but if that were my job I would say no thanks. Police are the tools (in every sense of the word) of the government, I don't believe you can be for one and not the other.

    To quote a famous song.. "Fuck the Police"
  16. I actually smoked a J with a policeman bach in Germany. He didn't quite wear his uniform right then, though
  17. Around here in Pembroke, NC..

    If you are off UNCP campus out in teh town iteself, the Police dont care if you smoke, nor do they give a damn about minor posession....If you're slinging...that's when you're fizzucked...

    Did I just say Fizzucked?

    God I'm high...


    thats how it is in my new city.....Murrieta, California........a small suburbia, but rapidly growin....fairly new......but we get a lotta punks outta LA and my hometown, and they tryin to start some gang shit up here......fuckin faggots man.......
  19. Why I get pissed at cops? Because the cops around here are jerks. I don't smoke in public and I've only once had a cop talk to me while high (not that they did anything cause I didn't smell and had nothing on me). The cops follow people around, I run daily and since I got home from university I've been followed on 3 of my runs for absolutely no reason. I really don't like cops because they keep following people around for no reason (I talked to some of my friends who don't smoke and they get followed aswell occasionally). We don't have much crime here as it's a small town, the only things that I've seen people brought in for is drugs and public drunkeness.

    Yeah I get pissed off at cops, but I feel it's justified.
  20. the po aren't just out to catch people, they ARE doing there job, which is to enforce the laws, which are created through the numerous levels of governement in your area.
    You can't blame them, and they all have there bad days, and yes some may be dicks, but being a cop is just like anyother job, and to say that they are all dicks and stop you for a broken tail light is as stereotypical as saying every kid that works at mcdonalds is spitting in your big mac.

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