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Why do people fuck with America..?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tropical Goo, Aug 13, 2011.

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  1. Like honestly, all these people from other countries are like "lololol americas economy and black president and a buncha people die ther". Why do they do that.. when we can clearly... fuck them up..?
  2. Typical American attitude.

    I'm moving to Canada when I can. Seriously.
  3. how about no
  4. I would love to move to canada but i dont wanna be no fuckin immagrent
  5. Because you're fat
  6. Enjoy the downgrade
  7. Of what?
  8. There are many reasons - I can assure you.

    For one - we're invading other countries under false pretense and everyone knows it.

    2 - we live like kings - There are people dying all over the world because they can't eat but we complain when our internet goes down.

    Many Americans think they're better than others.

    Sorry, but you asked. I wouldn't mind moving to Canada, myself.
  9. People dislike our arrogance and hegemony.

    You know, like saying, "Don't talk shit about me because I can fuck you up." Shit like that.
  10. You think Canada is so much better? I laughed.

    Canada feels the same way, I don't see them helping anybody out either, champ.

  11. Your economy sucks. Now, fuck me up please.

    Downgrade? Explain. Weed is (much) cheaper almost everywhere, and is consistently better in some parts.
  12. I'm fat...have a nice day jerk :smoke:
  13. Thanks.
  14. Weed isnt the whole fucking world...
  15. Same reason we hate on other countries.


    Ya dig?
  16. People hate the country on top. It's not ignorant to say we are still the best country despite everything going wrong, it's a fact. And to all the Americans hating on America, please visit some other countries before you whine about America.

  17. I said it because we are on a marijuana based forum. It's very clear that the main theme, is in fact, marijuana.
  18. He assumed he meant a downgrade in weed. Understandable, since we are on a marijuana focused forum.
  19. You know exactly what
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