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Why Do People Follow Rules?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by shit strain, May 24, 2013.

  1. i mean, i understand the obvious, but in certain situations, i just dont get it...
    im watching the chelsea game, and the goal keeper dove for the ball at the chelsea players feet and missed it. and it resulted in a score... why didnt he just wrap up the guys legs?
    the way i see it, he had 3 options. A get the ball B let him score, or C tackle him. he went with A and it resulted in B. and i understand C is against the rules but still, tackle him and take the penalty. at least give yourself a chance

  2. because the man is too strong for some
  3. Soccer is a fast paced sport. Goalies are trained to block the ball from going into their net not tackling because that would result in a lot of penalty shots and a lot of prime scoring chances. You would give up a lot of goals that way. Plus it doesn't feel to tackle someone at full speed with no pads.
  4. The reason people follow rules is because they don't want to get in trouble.
  5. still. in the moment, I see what OP is saying.. if dude just tackled otha dude before the goal that would have been ONE (1) penalty and a no-goal... doesnt mean you gotta go ham and kill the other team... but I deffinatly see what OP is saying.. I think this sometimes as well. not in all situations but yeah..
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    Well if it was a clear goal scoring chance which it seems like you're describing, then the goalkeeper would have gotten sent off for a blatant foul for denying a goal scoring oppurtunity and the opposing team would have had a penalty and most likely scored and chelsea would be both a goal and a player down rather than just a goal.
  7. you dudes never seen on ESPN or sum shit where a slimy, sneeky player does some crazy unsportsmanlike shit and then plays it off? same shit.. wtf..
  8. damn ion know all the rules n stuff jeeze homie. 
  9. if they dont follow the rules then theres no point in playing the game...i hate cheaters
  10. in other words, people are pussys. lmao.
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    Because that would have been cheating and damage the integrity of the game. It's only a game, we made it. He wasn't good enough to take the ball away from the player and the player scored.
    Rules also usually have negative consequences when broken, so a player thinking conservatively is not going to break a rule.
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    Perhaps society raised us to obey the rules. Some people say "Fuck the rules :metal: " while others say "Yeah, no problem dude.  :smoke: " and the rest say "No problem, sir! :mellow: ".

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