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Why Do People Ask Me If They Owe Me After Smoking?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Gabriel5404, May 27, 2013.

  1. Like the title says, I always feel as when I smoke people out. They always seem to turn to me at the mid-point of the session and say, "thanks, what do I owe you for this?" after I'm all thinking things all like did I say something wrong, did they want me to sell them the weed? And I always say no way zero zilch lol. Smoking with people is always better, plus smoking people out for free because that's what I want to do makes me feel like a better person. Has anyone experienced this before, or know why it I happening?
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    But it's great to smoke your friends out - nothing wrong with that, OCCASIONALLY.
    Once people start to expect it, shit goes south.
  3. Sounds like you have some polite friends.
  4. It sounds like they are just trying to be polite!! Some people mooch but a lot of stoners are very nice. They just don't want you to think that they are a mooch and don't want you to feel insulted. For example I always smoke someone up after they smoke me up even if I don't see them for an extended period or if I don't have any weed and I am going to a session I will offer to buy whoever is supplying some of their favorite munchies at an expense equivalent to what I will probably smoke. :)
  5. QFT
  7. When i smoke alone alot i will have a tendancy to try and get a bud to take home for myself HOWEVER i don't ever ask, i feel that its just fucking rude and thats kind of a wake up call for me to implement some moderation into my sessions. 
    As of late all i've smoked with are friends, i enjoy it more overall then smoking alone by far. 
  8. I don't have many friends that smoke, but we always smoke my weed. I have always made it clear that nobody owes me for it. It doesn't happen too often, so when it does, I'm just happy to have friends to smoke with.
  9. Whenever friends offer to smoke me out I just return the favor. Basically, my weed is their weed and vice versa. So long as people aren't using you that's how it should be. It's really amazing how weed can strengthen friendships.
  10. :D Just sounds like you have some good friends who aren't using you for the weed! I've never had anyone ask me what they owe me, but I always ask or just return the favor.
  11. I ask this, but it's usually more in the form of "Hey when can I smoke you up?" instead of what I owe them. I don't give people money for smoking me up, cause that just seems wrong to me, I don't know why. I'll just offer to smoke them up next time I have bud or next time they're around.
  12. i usually charge maybe 5 for a bowl and 10 for a blunt unless they match me. which is for some reason rare..
  13. People ask you if they should pay you? Damn! I wish I had friends like that, I'd run them to the bank haha!
  14. If you're making a person pay you 5$ to smoke a bowl with you that's fucked up man it's only a bowl! If you're letting him take the whole thing to his head then I understand. Same thing for a blunt if you're smoking it with him 10$ is alot, I can roll my own fatty for 10$ and not share with anyone lol
  15. damn 5 a bowl and 10 a blunt, maybe it is a "mystery" why nobody matches..
    Ok I am glad to see I am not the only one that thought that was way overpriced especially for friends. 
  17. My reply is;  "When I'm out of weed, and you have some, then it will be your turn to smoke me out."
  18. Because you have friends that have some fucking manners, unlike many of today's youth. Man, I'd love to have some of my friends offer me some money once in a while. I wouldn't even take it but they're so fucking greedy. I'm starting to cut everyone off unless they match.
  19. I can understand 10 for a blunt if its just you two and its a gram blunt. Those are all me and my buddy used to smoke an if i didnt have hud and he didnt have anymore to sell i would throw half on a $20 blunt. 5 on a bowl is steep though unless that bowl is gigantic.
  20. $5 on a bowl isn't unfair if it's .3/.4 packed in a bong and you get to dome it.

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