Why do people allow their tolerance to get so high?

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  1. I recently started smoking and absolutely love having a low tolerance. The first couple times I smoked it was so intense, the world was like pulsing and I had an amazing body high. I don't understand why people smoke for months on end (never mind years), every 3 weeks I'll stop smoking for about 2 weeks. So my tolerance is extremely low and stays that way. It's also beneficial both mentally and physically to take breaks from smoking, everything in moderation. Why do people smoke for so long without taking breaks? It just hurts you in the log run
  2. Because they want to.
  3. Some people develop the idea that they need the high at every given moment to feel comfortable. 
  4. Marijuana is potentially addictive depending on the user, so there's that. Some people treat smoking as their hobby and choose to spend their free time pursuing it. Personally, I think that it's important to remember that Marijuana is a foreign, mind altering substance, and that our default state is sobriety.
    I'm taking a break for that exact reason...And because I'm broke.
  5. cuz they have a lot of money lol
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    Cuz I have a very addictive personality.
  7. I personally like being able to control my highs. Maybe it's a control thing. ;P
    I remember the first couple times I smoked and got those realllllyyyyyy intense highs. So amazing. But I don't mind the more subdued version now that my tolerance is up. I can drive, I don't feel like an idiot when I talk to people, and I can be productive while stoned. It's good to take a t-break every once in a while though to lower ze tolerance.
    Man, I do miss the days when I would get really high with my friends though and talk about the wackiest shit. Good times.
    Love weed.
  8. Because I can...Why do you care? :cool:
  9. I cant believe it hasnt come up yet but medical reasons. Come on. Some people have to smoke 10 grams a day because of medical conditions.

    As for recreational users, let them do what they want. Its shouldnt bother you. It doesnt bother me when i see someone use a bottle of hand saniitizer for one cleaning, if they feel its necessary let em do it
  10. So i can continue to smoke hash like its herb 
  11. It's not like I really care what people do. I'm just saying people often complain about their tolerances. I personally like to be as high as possible when I smoke. I'm pretty fried now that I think of it, just tried out my new bong
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    dude you are jus starting to enjoy the herb..... I like to smoke a nug  like drinking a brewski
    am I going to wait a couple weeks to enjoy another beer?
    I think not  :smoking:
  13. They are probably addicted . I laugh when I see people that need to smoke huge joints and do dabs 24/7 to stay high. Most say blah blah i use it as medicine blah blah. Yet most of those people would never use a form of cannabis that treats their issues but doesn't get them the least bit high. 
  14. If it made the beer better why not?
  15. Idk i don't mind tolerance as it would be a little overwhelming to get extremely high everytime i toked. I like being able to have a manageable high and get things done. I am on a month and a half now without smoking since i'm at my parents until next month. You best believe i'm getting a frosty eighth and getting as high as i possibly can.
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    Its cool... everybody has there own way to enjoy herb, at their own frequency
    I imagine it changes on how you like to experience cannabis
    where, when, and how
    thats the beauty of the herb! :smoking:
    I have gone thru phases where I needed to dial back because the enjoyment lvl wasnt the same. Or you jus need to get sh*t done!!
  17. I agree. When I smoke indicas, my tolerence goes up real fast and then I stop getting high. I am currently on the 20/4 schedule. Smoke for 20 days, stop for 4. Then I plan something fun like a hike or a movie or a day at the beach. That first high kicks me right square in the ass. Its worth the t-break.

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