Why do pawn shops have doormen?

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  1. I went pawnshop hopping yesterday, (bored), and I nioticed a couple of them had "Exit door men". They all gave me an equivilant of "have a good day man!", so I said "you to man!" and walked back to my car. Anyhow, why do pawnshops have door men, and what is their job besides givving good wishes to departing customers, and opening the door for them? Why do pawn shops even have door men? I can open the door myself, but it's cool that somebody else does it for me so I don't have to worry about counting my cash and doing a face plant into the door when I go through. :) So yeah, why do pawn shops have door men? Oh, the dude looked pretty buff too, (if that matters any).
  2. I've never been to a pawnshop with a doorman. Ya'll got some classy pawnshops out in WA!
  3. From my experience Pawn Shops are usually located in seedy parts of town. I think perhaps they do this as a form of security, even if it's just superficial. :confused_2:
  4. I'm assuming its for security.

    edit: Pete beat me to it.
  5. Yeah, at the one's out here the guy working behind the counter or whatever just stays strapped
  6. I actually had to drive 58 miles and cross state lines to get to the nearest pawnshop, but anyhow. :)
  7. Our head shop has a bell that dings to signify who's coming in/going out... we don't have a doorman.

    Does you head shop leave out snacks and coffee for they're customers as well? :p

    ...That would be AWESOME.
  8. Security. Only a couple around here have them.

    I'm sure they all have something behind the counter.

  9. pawn shop...not head shop.
  10. Oh shit... my bad.

    Maybe my stoned ass should read more diligently before posting. :rolleyes:
  11. so you cant grab sometihng and run the fuck out without gettin past that guy first. was he large?
  12. Headshop: Nope. It's just like walking into any other store in town. Ask questions if nessecary, pay for your shit, and then go home.
  13. I wouldn't want to fuck w/ him. That's for sure. The dude was so large, I don't think he'd even need a gun. Until I aporoached the door to leave, he was just chilling by the door with his arms crossed like he didn't have a care in the world. But once I walked up, it's like somebody shot a bolt of lightning up his ass, because he was on that door PDQ, and daid "let me get that for you sir". I said "OK", and walked out the door.
  14. The Reason there by the door is more to stop people whole stole shit then to open it for you. Thats why there all by the door so there is NoWay your leaving ifuve stolen something.
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    Another Q:

    Why don't they make themselves known when you enter, instead of getting suprised half way out the store during your cash count, cause you just bought something), or when leaving because nothing peaked your interest. I walked out, and heard, "have a good day man!" and looked up to see who was saying it, saw a guy, so I was like, "Uh, yeah you too man." and kept on walking.

    Why don't they make themselves visible when you enter? After I got in my car and fired it up, I sat there for 2s going :confused: but then decided "wtf", and drove to the next pawn shop.
  16. probably the same reason as walmart has greeters. except walmart's "doormen" are terrifyingly old. i swear walmart is where im going to find a dead body.
  17. customer safety...to make sure no sus ass people are waiting for a person outside to rob him of his money...i'm not sure how far a doormen will go but the least they could do is say yo them people outside is pointing at u and waiting for u to come out..go through the back door
  18. Dude, I'm not looking to rob the place, (fuck that, I'de probably get shot.), I just want to know why they have doormen? If it was a bank I could understand it, (that's where the money is, duh) but a fucking pawn shop? makes me go :confused::confused:
  19. Some pawn shops have very expensive items..even if they don't look like it to you.

    That's what they're there for..security.

    Lots of places have a form of security guard or guy. Pawn shops just do it a kind of old school way haha
  20. So they're basically there for a visual indicator of "Hey crooks! We actually care about out merchendise! Don't try any moves here! If you do, you'll reget it, and won't walk out of here! Try anything here, and you'll be going out in an ambulance." ?

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